Why Is German Lighting So Popular In The Uk

In recent years German lighting has become more and more popular in the UK but how and why has it achieved such success?

The lighting industry is very much guided by the fashions of the time. As the high street follows the catwalk, the lighting industry follows the housing market. The number of modern houses and apartments has increased dramatically over the past ten years in Britain and with these new builds come simple layouts and smaller room sizes with lower ceilings. This has meant that lighting designs have had to change. The designs are smaller and less fussy. This sums up most German lighting designs very well. Straight, clean lines and simple shapes are what German designers do best and it is this style that suits a lot of modern houses in the UK. Companies like Grossmann lighting in particular have been consistently coming up with modern simple designs for years. Designs like the Grossmann lighting Magic range for instance, has been one of the most popular.

Another reason for the success of German lighting is the quality of the goods produced. Thanks mainly to the automotive industry, the tag line -Made in Germany’ has come to represent the highest levels of build quality and intelligent engineering. This is very much true of German lighting. Grossmann lighting for instance, manufacture every component themselves. Not outsourcing to save money like many companies. Grossmann also employ their own team of designers to make sure that they always have the most cutting edge designs and to ensure that Grossmann lighting products are always built with the end user in mind.