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Compact Air Horn Harley Motorcycle Horn – Copy offers the premium Viking Horns line of automotive products, such as: automotive horns (for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and industrial equipment), automotive stainless trims, and emergency lights. Our products consist of electric horns, train horns, truck horns, Harley motorcycle horns, compact horns, musical horns, sirens and marine horns.
Each of our train horn system consists of an air tank, compressor, and a loud 152 decibel train air horn. These train air horns will produce a loud sound similar to a train horn. We also carry many other types of air horns to fit trucks, SUVs, and any other 12 volt vehicle. In addition, we carry on board air systems, which include air tank, compressor, and other accessories.
One of our best sellers is the compact air horn, which will fit any vehicle with limited existing space under the hood. This compact air horn produces a loud sound at 139 decibels. It will fit Most vehicles, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and other brand motorcycles, as well.
Another one of our products is our musical air horns which have a variety of musical themes. Some the available themes include: Dixie horn (The Dukes of Hazard), La Cucaracha horn, The God Father horn, Eyes of Texas horn, Call to the Post horn, Cavalry Charge horn, and Tequila horn. These horns will produce a loud sound of 120 decibels.
For all the boat lovers, we carry a number of marine outboard horns. They are designed for exterior use, and for boats in a salt water environment, as well as, RVs, SUVs and trucks. Constructed of stainless steel, and produce a loud sound of 120 decibels.
In addition, we also carry a number of emergency lighting products. Some of them may include: tow truck 48 emergency light bars, 24 mini light bars, and individual warning lights. They are available in LED lights, strobe lights or halogen lights, with amber, red, and blue lenses combinations.
We also carry, some stainless steel trims such as: pillar posts, body side moldings, rocker panels, and window sills, to fit many automotive applications. All sets are laser custom cut, and made from 304 stainless steel material, polished to a brilliant finish.
Our large selection of Viking Horns and other products that consist of: truck horns, loud train horns, car horns, air horns, marine horns, sirens, musical horns, tow truck lights, mini light bars, warning lights, LED lights, pillar posts, rocker panels, Harley motorcycle horn, truck air horn, boat horn, outboard horn, horn compressor, Air compressor, compact horn, train horn, and more, will virtually fit most automotive applications.
Our growing success at is a result of our product quality, performance, reliability and competitive pricing. We always try to keep our customers competitive in the forever changing market.