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New Rapid Fire Technology In The Gaming Community From Gamermodz

Most of us have probably see many companies claiming to have a completely universal Rapid Fire modded controller, but have you ever checked to see if its true? Like most, you have probably wondered if its universal for games already released or will it work for future games. What about being able to fine tune it for games, weapons or your own personal preference? If you havent asked yourself those questions, you should when looking at the many different modded controllers in the gaming community.

Lets explain what the ideal, completely universal (present and future) Rapid Fire would consist of. First you would be able to adjust the speed of the Rapid Fire. This doesnt mean have 10 modes to choose from (those are preset modes and there is no guarantee any will work for future games). To us the term universal means the ability to tune it for any game, any weapon. The other part of the equation is can you fine tune the speed of the Rapid Fire? You want to be able to maximize the rate of fire allowed by the game right? You dont want to fire slower than whats possible right? Of course not, that is why its important.

The SPS series Rapid Fire from GamerModz meets those 2 standards that we feel the word universal should be associated with. I dont want to toot our own horn (actually I do) but to date, there is no other Rapid Fire on the market that meets the criteria we just discussed except for the SPS series Rapid Fire modded controller only available from

Now let’s talk about the new product which is what the title is referring to. This is the SPS-X3 multi-mode fully programmable rapid fire Xbox 360 modded controller. All those things above, it has them (just like the rest of the SPS series we developed) but the X3 is different, its better!

The SPS-X3 modded controller is feature rich and packed with everything the novice or avid gamer needs, and more! Not only does this mod contain the fully adjustable, fine tunable Rapid Fire only available from GamerModz but so much more. This is like the swiss army knife of Rapid Fire controllers, if that swiss army knife had a grenade launcher attached!

Let’s show you a feature list and please, try to keep the drooling to a minimum.

Adjust the rate of fire on the Rapid Fire in exact shots per second.
Configure the Rapid Fire for Fully Automatic or Burst Mode.
Configure Burst Mode for any round burst.
Configure the shots per seconds the burst rounds fire at.
Configure the Rapid Fire for Right Trigger Only, Left Trigger Only or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire
Customize 5 completely separate modes with completely different settings for any game, any weapon.

As you can see, nothing was left out during the design of this Rapid Fire mod. This is the best solution for anyone looking for a Rapid Fire controller that will work for any game (past, present or future) where you need a leg up on the competition. Here is a quick list of just a few games that this Rapid Fire is great for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (MW))
Call of Duty World at War (WAW)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)
Call of Duty Black Op’s
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Rainbow Six Vegas

The beauty is that games will continue to be released that allow you to fire weapons as fast as your fingers can pull the trigger. That beauty is followed by the SPS series Rapid Fire from GamerModz that will guarantee that you will be able to fire these weapons at max speed without the need for supersonic fingers!
You need to be aware that all other Rapid Fires on the market either are not adjustable or lack the fine tuning ability that the SPS series has but more importantly, the other customizations available on the SPS-X3 are not even an option anywhere else!