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Multimedia School In The Philippines Where Excellent Minds Meets

Multimedia School in the Philippines: Where Excellent Minds Meets

They always say that education is the key to success. But for me, staring at the blackboard or whiteboard, listening, and pretending that I understand the lessons are such boring tasks. I hated school, until interactive media gave it a different name.

Fun and Exciting Ways to Learn
Growing up surrounded by amazing gadgets, I understand how technology provided boundless opportunities to make certain tasks easier. From desktop computers to portable laptops, iPads, and tablets, learners were able to understand complex information through graphics, videos, sounds, and animation. The birth of these advancements has provided a lot of advantages to teachers as well. It allowed them to create a real-world environment where students can actively participate and express creative ideas. With the overwhelming response of Filipinos to interactive media, graphic designers and artists are encouraged to enroll in a multimedia school in the Philippines to further hone their innate artistic talent. Apart from education alternatives and learning recent technological breakthroughs in graphic arts, interactive media institutes in the country also provide the following:

A real-world learning environment
Easy access to education
Catering all types of learners
Promoting the importance of teamwork
Strengthening the quality of ICT education
Efficient evaluation of the students progress

For those who have the passion for creating web sites, games, films, videos, and advertisements, here is a list of institutions that offer such courses.

CIIT CIITs excellent and well-crafted curriculum has proven it to be one of the best multimedia schools in the country. Its state of the art equipment and facilities are designed to ensure that students are trained on the latest advancements in multimedia programming, electronic publishing, digital audio development, and advertising, making it the top choice among institutions in its category.

De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts (DLSU-CSB) – DLSU-CSB offers a one-year diploma course that includes photography, 2D design and animation, entitling the student to specialize in multimedia arts. Trainings in photography, 2D design, animation, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver are also available.

Asia Pacific College (APC) APC is another multimedia school in the Philippines that offers courses to those who want to learn interactive media through hands-on approach. The hands-on approach of APC provides students with methodologies for developing interactive media such as CD-ROMs, kiosks, and web applications.

Informatics Computer Institute (ICT) – ICT is a multimedia school in the Philippines that operates in more than 600 centers in 60 different countries. The institute is committed to providing high standards of Information Technology education. Its courses are designed to train students who intend to work as system analysts, IT specialists, database administrators, network engineers, and IT managers.

University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UPITTC) UPITTC was established as a joint program between the University of the Philippines and the Japan International Cooperation Agency to provide trainings in the field of Information Technology. It is known for its out of the box techniques where practical trainings are more important than textbook method.