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Dog Kennel Odor – 5 Ways To Minimize Dog Kennel Odor

Any owner who cares enough about their dog to use a kennel or a doggy daycare, cares enough to only consider a kennel that smells fresh and clean.

Having your kennel smell fresh and clean says a lot of good things about how the canine clientele is treated. Here are 5 things you can do that will keep your kennel smelling fresh and clean every day.

Make Sure Dogs Are Healthy-Current medical records can help you admit only dogs that are healthy. Diarrhea and urinary problems can mean huge problems for the individual dogs and the rest of the dogs in the kennel.

Increased and unpredictable elimination can greatly add to the odor. And admitting healthy dogs can help the rest of your canine clients stay well.

Clean Floors and Kennels Regularly-Cleaning and sanitizing the floors and kennels daily will keep urine and feces odor to a minimum. Regularly scheduled maintenance can keep the bacteria and virus count low. This prevents them from going airborne if feces are left to dry before they are cleared away.

A staff that works in a kennel that is clean makes for a happier work force. A happy work staff can possibly mean less turn over, and a staff that will interact well with the canine and human clients. Positive interaction is a win-win situation for everyone and goes a long way towards repeat customers.

Provide a Play Area-Providing an outdoor area of grass, mulch, and even a wading pool for dogs who love water can cut down on the elimination done when they are in their individual kennels. Scheduling play time after meal time increases the chances that elimination will happen outdoors and can be cleared away without causing smelly indoor problems.

Allowing dogs to play outside at least several times each day will help the dogs release some energy and even anxiety about being in a new place.

Clean Up Quickly–Should a dog soil itself, giving a bath immediately will make the dog feel better, and will make your kennel smell better too. Dogs like being clean too. Obviously, this will cut down on the smell, and keep other dogs happier as well.

Constantly Filter the Air-With the large number of dogs that are generally present in a kennel situation, dog hair,dander, and odor can make the air thick. 24 hour filtration by a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting air filter will eliminate 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles down to.3 microns in size.

Then to HEPA filtration add a carbon based filter with an additive specifically designed to eliminate urine odor and that type of purifier can make your kennel can literally be a breath of fresh air for all.


Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Review!

Customers respond positively to the Miele S511 Cat and Dog Plus. Satisfied customers who had purchased the S511 Cat and Dog Plus noted that it comes equipped with a HEPA filter, without any need to upgrade from a conventional filter. Some state that they approached the Miele with whatever hesitation; digit noted, \”of course I didn’t believe their claims, few vacuum cleaners hit managed to pick up dog hairs in my experience. I thought it must be a gimmick.\” When they purchased the appliance, however, they were quite impressed.

\”We switched it on for the first time and our faces beamed…. It felt strong and powerful and prefabricated our another upright vacuum seem like a toy.\” Another noted simply, \”it deals with all manner of fluff and dirt… I hit never yet had to poke down the tube with a pin to free whatever blockage-it just seems to deal with everything I throw at it.’

They revalue its design features; that the vacuum canister is low to the floor and moves easily; that the crevice nozzle, upholstery tool and dusting brush tow away neatly; and that the vacuum is expanse efficient. _As digit customer noted, \”the vacuum is very nicely designed, with features that just make sense as you use it. Customers’ complaints are that the vacuum cleaner bags are expensive and cannot be reused. One owner wrote \”the suction is so good (or my concern is so dirty!) that I do hit to replace the bags quite frequently.\” Another noted that this model \”doesn’t like existence pulled along.\”


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