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Buying A Brand New Or A Used Motorcycle Is An Enormously Significant Decision.

For the first time since I can remember I find myself thinking, should get a pre owned motorcycle or should I cough up the big usd and buy a shinny new one.

If I get a new one, I will be guaranteed that it will be warranted and for the most part safe and steadfast.

However, if I buy a pre owned motorcycle, I will save thousands off the cost of a shinny new one. I will not have to ride like an old lady throughout the brake in cycle and I will shell out a bundle less for excise charge.

The additional assessment I must formulate is, do I require an American standard harley davidson or do I desire to pick up a metric motorcycle.

A new Harley Davidson in the class that I want will be around $18,000.00 low, to $22,000.00 on the high side.

If I settle on a metric motorbike, the same class motorcycle will cost me hundreds less at just about $8,000.00 low to $16,000.00 on the high side.

If I purchase new, I won’t have to fear about components falling off or braking down. Then again, I will be paying out a lot more specially if I finance it.

That brings up another question I must to mull over. Do I need to barrow money for my new or used motorcycle, or can I afford to pay cash?

Forking over cash is ideal for the reason that I will not have month-to-month payments and shell out elevated interest charge that will increase the over all charge of my motorcycle.

If you have the cash to purchase new, I would extremely suggest it. Then again, if you are like me you don’t maintain $20,000.00 laying around. So a pre owned bike it is.

Now that I have determined to make my next bike a used motorcycle, here are a couple different vastly important things I need to consider. Firstly am I going to purchase a Harley davidson, or a metric?

Although a used Harley is going to be more affordable then a new Harley Davidson, a used Harley Davidson is going to cast more then a used metric motorcycle.

Even though buying “Made in the USA” is significant, in the real world, cost is the determining aspect for me. And moreover, I have never discriminated against any motorbike brand, type or style. I have road just about every type of bike you will find and I have owned nearly all of them.

So I have come to a decision. I am going to find a used motorbike also it is going to be a metric motorcycle.

I’m going to get a late model Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic, the Suzuki C50-T, or a Yamaha Road Star Silverado. I am able to pick up any one of these 2007 – 2008 models pre owned for about $8,000.00 to $9,000.00.

Another thing I have to to consider is, am I going to purchase it from a privet person or from a dealer.

If I acquire my next used motorcycle from a motorcycle dealership, by law there has to be at least a thirty day warranty and a safety inspection completed on the bike before it’s sold.

If I buy it from a exclusive individual, I’m more likely to get a greater deal price wise, but the motorcycle will most likely be sold as is.

This being said, it is no doubt a good idea to thoroughly test a pre owned motorbike out before you get it.

The first thing I always examine if I am going to buy a used bike is the general outer shell. I check to see if the motorcycle has signs of mistreatment or has been laid down. I look for stuff like dings and scrapes, oxidation or worn metal, leaks and tint of the exhaust. I also inspect the frame and suspension. By browsing down the middle of the motorcycle from the front you are able to distinguish if the frame is bent or if the front forks are correct and if there is any seepage from the seals.

Inspect the brakes, the clutch, linkage, throttle and brake cables. I always learn at what time the motorcycle was last serviced. One thing I don’t do is believe any sellers word for repair details. Ask for evidence. Get the seller to show you all of the service records.

Wheels and tires are costly so examine them carefuly. In the end you are putting out a bundle up front to get your ride on. Why should you have to fork out still more money a few months down the road to purchase new wheels and tires.

One other detail to bear in mind is the wireing system and the battery. Check for any loose-fitting connections or stripped wires. On the battery check to notice if there is any corrosion and if the connections are not stripped. Turn the bike on to see if the head lamp comes on. Also examine the tail light, break light, turn signals and the horn.

Wow! Now start the used motorcycle. Notice if it fires up straight away or if it takes a few cranks to start. Additionally, how does the starter sound? Does it clang or disengage and just spin or does it drag or just click?

Okay, now that it’s fired up, how does it sound, good? Does it hesitate and ping? Is there dark blue smoke coming from the tail pipes? Does the engine rattle or produce a ticking clatter? If so, there is something incorrect that I wouldn’t want to get myself into.

At this point take it for a test ride. Observe how it rides. If it rides well and stops fine then odds are its all good. So now I’m ready to buy the bike.

By the way, it is always a good practice to take any used motorcycle you are thinking about purchaseing to a specialized motorbike mechanic and have them test it out before you get it. If for any motive the seller has difficulty with this, I wouldn’t pay money for that used motorcycle.


Demystifying Used Motorcycle Prices And Motorcycle Resale Values

Used Motorcycle Values Are Often Mired In Brand Loyalty And Personal Preference

Looking to sell your motorcycle? If you plan on using the Internet to try and figure out your motorcycles resale value, be careful. By most accounts on the web, used motorcycle prices are determined by either a riders personal preference or inaccurate book values.

Finding A Motorcycles Resale Value Should Go Farther Than Looking Up The Motorcycles Book Value

As many already know, relying on Kelley Blue Book values can be misleading. Used motorcycle values from those and other books do not take into account the almost daily market changes, economic surges and dips, etc.

Add to that the often heated debates online between die-hard Harley Davidson owners andwell, pretty much anybody who owns a different brand, and youre still left wondering how to sell your motorcycle.

Your best bet is to either do your own research or bring it in to a professional appraiser to let them work their magic. Trying to sort through the brand-fueled noise on the Internet is a monumental task and relying on the services like Kelley Blue Book could leave you with a completely inaccurate motorcycle resale value.

Used Motorcycle Value Shouldnt Just Be In The Eye Of The Beholder

Take a look around the Internet to find your motorcycles resale value. Invariably, youll end up reading a conversation thread that devolves into a spat between people who ride Bike A and people who ride Bike B. That doesnt really serve your purposes very well, now does it?

In reality, the value of your used motorcycle depends on a very basic premise In what condition is your bike?

Sure, there are some other factors that determine you motorcycles resale value. For example, the resale value of a Harley Davidson had for years been remarkably high. These days, because they produced more bikes compared to years ago when Harley waiting lists were legendary, the resale value of a Harley is much lower.

But, if you want to read some really intense back-and-forth, take a look at the Harley Davidson vs. Crotch Rocket debate.

Bottom Line: Figuring Out The Value Of Your Used Motorcycle Can Pay Off

For better or for worse, motorcycle riders are generally fanatic about their bikes. Depending on what motorcycle you have, that can help or hurt your efforts to figure out the motorcycles resale value. At the same time, relying on motorcycle book values can be quite misleading. To solve the used motorcycle prices dilemma, youre better off taking your time, doing your research, or taking it to a quality, professional appraiser.


New Oil Cooling Technology For Harley Davidson And Custom V-twin Motorcycles

A recent development in engineering technology will improve engine lifetime and performance for Harley Davidson and Custom V-Twin motorcycles. The new UltraCoolFL oil cooling system is a step up from other motorcycle oil coolers, because its patented design provides forced air cooling of the engine oil during high temperature situations like idling, or stop and go driving. It also assists start up oil warming by regulating the oil circulation, allowing it to circulate only when the temperature is above 160 degrees.

Maintaining proper oil temperature is important because if the circulating oil is too thick, it will not flow and do its lubricating job correctly. If the oil becomes overheated, it will cause excess engine wear and it will destroy the properties of the oil that do the necessary lubrication. Excess friction from lack of proper lubrication will cause unnecessary engine wear. The UltraCoolFL motorcycle oil cooling system can help keep your motorcycle engine running at optimum levels of performance at all temperatures.

This special Harley oil cooler is easy to install, and no special tools are required. The kit can be assembled and mounted on the motorcycle in under an hour. The unit has a plain black cover, which is also suitable for decoration, but it’s main function is to prevent road debris and rocks from damaging the oil cooler. It also prevents over cooling of the oil while the motorcycle is moving fast. The UltraCoolFL motorcycle oil cooler kit contains everything you will need, and all parts have a 90 day warranty.

A high output, thermostatically controlled fan is the heart of this unit. It forces air through the motorcycle oil cooler any time temperatures exceed 210 degrees. When the oil temperature is below 190 degrees, the fan automatically turns itself off. This new technology is patented because it is so unique. These oil cooling systems will be one of the most popular aftermarket kits available to motorcycle owners.

We feel this product ushers in a new era of motorcycle oil coolers, and Harley Davidson and Custom V-Twin motorcycle owners will find their engines will run cleaner and last longer by using our Harley oil coolers.