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volt Motorcycle Accessories

Anyone who has ever been for a ride on a motorcycle knows there is no ride that compares. The purr of the bikes engine in your ear while the wind rushes across your skin; hitting the open road on a motorcycle truly is an amazing experience. After about twenty or thirty minutes of riding though, the purr turns to a dull hum and the rushing wind sensation is all but gone. Midland Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets are a great way to stay entertained while on the great open road. Whether by yourself or riding with a buddy, these headsets are great. They come with a boom microphone and wired microphone that are wind resistant. Now talking to your riding buddy on the back of the bike, or on the bike next to you, is easy. For solo riding you can stay entertained by listening to music from an MP3 player, using a Bluetooth cell phone or simply navigating your way on a GPS system. Enjoying a ride on a motorcycle is a fun experience, but if you are planning a long trip, these Midland Bluetooth Headsets are a good buy.

When planning a long trip on a motorcycle, checking a map for directions will be rather challenging. In order to follow the mapped out directions you will need to pull over, take out the map, read the directions, then get back on the road. With a Garmin GPS Navigation unit for motorcycles, long trips are simplified. Now there is no need to pull over; program the GPS system at home and cruise to the destination in mind. You can even program desired stops in between your home and destination. These portable GPS Nav units are easy to install and use, and no external antenna is required. They are also easy to remove when you reach your destination so you can safely store the unit.

With all the new 12 volt items on the market, adding a 12Volt accessory outlet to your bike is a good idea. Phone chargers and IPods can be plugged into the outlet. GPS units or Midland Headset can even be recharged with this. Having a 12V outlet on your bike allows for purchasing items that are very useful while traveling. With this outlet a 12V LED rechargeable flashlight can be used. As long as the weather is good, plug the flashlight in for recharging and you have a light to help in finding things packed on the bike when it is dark out.

Motorcycles are nice to look at. Whether they are the traditional looking bike, or a custom made look, motorcycles demand attention. When the weather is ideal passing a motorcycle is very common though. LED lighting for motorcycles gives your bike personality. No one wants to blend into the crowd and a motorcycle lighting kit is just the thing to change any bike from ordinary to head turning. There are even different colors available so your bike can reflect a little of your personality. Whether you choose a bold color like orange, or a casual color like white, your bike is sure to stand out at night or in any dark area.


Pet Owners Love The Gps Pet Tracker

Our pets today certainly become a part of the family. The very thought of one of our pets becoming lost and not coming home really upsets us. This has caused pet owners to look for ways of keeping track of their pets. That is where a GPS pet tracker comes in. It is absolutely the best way to keep track of where your pet is at all times.

Now many of you may be thinking about your dog when we say pet tracker but these GPS systems are a lot more versatile than that. Some companies have very small light weight ones that can be used on cats. The smallest and lightest device on the market is ideal for many different kinds of pets. It of course can be used on cats and dogs but it is also good for turtles, ferrets and even some birds. Both the transmitter and the handset are very small and lightweight.

These GPS tracking devices are battery operated and wireless. They can synchronize with your mobile smart phone with Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to use your smart phone instead of the hand held device normally associated with these units. This makes them the ultimate pet locator.

One of the main selling points for these GPS pet tracking devices is that pets are family too and youd want to locate a family member if get lost wouldnt you?

These GPS systems provide pet owners with peace of mind and the confidence that when their treasured furry friends escaped the yard or wander off they will be able to find them.

Now you may be wondering how much does this technology cost? Well you will be happy to know that for under $200 dollars you can get a reasonable quality system. Of course depending on some of the beeps and whistles you want it could go a lot higher. But 200 is not a bad price for the peace and security they bring. You might also want to know that if you buy one that attaches to your smart phone you could be paying up to $60 per year extra on your phone bill for this service.

Of course if your pet strays you would like to know immediately so that you are able to retrieve them quickly and that is exactly what these systems can do for you. They will send information from the transmitter on your pet to the receiver either in your hand, car or on your home computer with a map pointing exactly to where your pet is.

This is truly amazing technology. Yet we are using it all the time to direct us places we are looking to go while in our cars or out in the wilderness camping. This is just using the same technology in a different way.

Did you know of the thousands of lost pets that happen each day over 84% of them are never returned to their masters? Yes having a pet is a lot of work and they cost us money and time. But aside from making sure they have food and shelter you also need to consider their safety. That way you know that the loving investment you give them will never be wasted.

These GPS pet trackers are a type of insurance on you dear friends and money well spent in my opinion.


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