Strange Types Of Chess Games

The game of chess has come a long way since we first started playing it. Chess is said to be a game for the academic elite but now times have changed. Chess is now a popular game for the masses. It is in public schools, domestic homes, and even in public parks. Since chess is now so popular and commonly played, some people have become bored with the usual chess game. Boredom is a great creative force that has affected the chess game. There are now many variations or variants to chess so people do not have the play the same old chess game that your grandfather did.

There are many different types of chess games. Some variants to chess include changing the rules of the game such as changing the winning conditions. Some variations include changing the actual board size to make it bigger or smaller. Some other changes include adding new chess pieces to the game with special abilities. Some even add a bit of randomness to it by using dice or cards with the board game. My favorite types of chess variants though, are the ones that mix role playing games with tactical combat. These types of chess games are usually called chess war gaming.

The chess variants that include role playing elements into it make the game fun. Each piece usually has its own defined role and special abilities in the game. The normal attributes of the pieces in RPG chess include hit points, defense, damage, move, and range. Each piece has a different statistic in each of those attributes. For example the game might have a warrior type piece that has high hit points and damage but low movement and range. Another example is using a scout type piece that has low hit points but has good range and movement. With each piece being unique can make the typical chess game more challenging. You really have to use good strategy when choosing which pieces to use and where to make your next move.

It is said that chess can test ones patience. It can even take days to finish a typical chess game. Some people choose to play speed chess where you are only given a certain time limit for your turn. This additional rule speeds up the chess game. There are some chess variants though that can make the game go a lot faster. Some variations of chess only use five pieces or have a smaller board which speeds of the game of chess. Other types of chess include changing the rules to speed up the game. One chess variant called atomic chess even has certain chess pieces that can explode. When that chess piece explodes, it then destroys all the pieces around it in eight squares. Now when one chess piece can take out eight other units at once then the game is going to go a whole lot faster.

You might really like strategy games like chess but as you can see chess does not have to be the same old boring game that your grandfather played. Now with all the different types of chess games available you can mix things up. It is time to be crazy with your chess game.