Protecting Your Home From Fleas With Flevox Flea Treatment

Fleas can be a common problem in homes in the UK. Even if you dont have pets you can find fleas making their way into homes and causing infestations. Flevox flea treatment can be an effective way of protecting your home against fleas.

With Flevox Flea treatment you will be able to treat your pets with powerful chemicals that are safe to use in the home environment.

Understanding Fleas

Fleas can transmit disease but thankfully this is not a common problem in the UK. However fleas can transmit microscopic parasitic worm eggs here and can also cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. It is important that you understand fleas and how to prevent them in your home.

– There are many different species of fleas. This live on household pets such as cats and dogs and tend to be around 2mm in length with squat bodies, long back legs and a reddish/brown colour.

– Adult fleas are parasites and live on the blood of animals. However the main problem with fleas is that the larvae feed on organic waste matter that can be found in carpets, rugs, bedding and under floorboards.

– Fleas can remain in the cocoon stage for up to two years in a dormant state. They can awaken at any time and this can be triggered by vibrations made from footsteps or vacuuming and the infestation cycle can begin again.

– This makes it difficult for homeowners to successfully treat infestations as these larvae can be buried deep in out of the way places.

– High levels of hygiene can help to break the life cycle of fleas and get rid of an infestation. You can use Flevox Flea treatment to get rid of fleas and make sure you wash bedding and vacuum regularly to help remove larvae from carpets and bedding.

– Cat and dog fleas will bite humans but they cannot live on the human body. Typically these fleas will jump up from carpets and bedding and bite around the lower body (particularly the ankles).

– These fleas will also bite the arms and hands as people handing infested pets.

– Flea bites should not be a problem for humans. However some people are allergic to flea bites and this can cause uncomfortable swelling around the bite mark and irritation.

– You should treat flea bites with some antiseptic/antibacterial products as these can become infested if left untreated.

– Using Flevox Flea treatment will be a powerful way to protect your pets and home against fleas.

– You may not be able to spot fleas straight away on pets. The main signs of fleas include itching and scratching, small black flecks in the fur (flea droppings) and thin patches of fur.

– If you spot any of these signs it is important to use a Flevox Flea treatment as soon as possible to prevent infestations.