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Pet Food Recall – Now, Everybody Cares For Pets

In some countries of Asia, particularly in those poor sectors, pet owners especially those who have dogs would take for granted a balanced, delicious and nutritious meal for their pets. Sometimes, you get to see some of them feeding their hapless and poor pets with almost anything even inedible ones. They would come to think, “Hey, dogs eat anything, right? My pet dog would even rummage through trash bins to get some food.” But in some developed countries, it’s not the same. People see to it that they give all the best for their furry best friend and sometimes, there is what they call a pet food recall when they found out that the food that they are preparing for their pets is not even worth eaten by slugs and varmints.

Are these people over-reacting? No, they’re not and they are just doing what every 100% true-blue pet lover can: to give the best of everything for their pets.

There are some concerned manufacturers in many different parts of the world are doing pet food recall. They did this when they found out that some of its pet food, particularly for dogs, that it is tainted with ingredients that have contributed to the many existing diseases like renal failure, kidney failure, arthritis and obesity, to name a few.

The contaminated ingredient is wheat gluten which they are not, at first, aware of. This ingredient was mixed to more than 90 brands of dog food sold as private label dog food through retailers over the world.

This only goes to show that not only pet lovers like you are very much concerned with your pet’s health. These manufacturers have also made a very big important step in preserving pet health and welfare.

There are some reports given by manufacturers that contaminated wheat gluten is tainted with rat poison and additional laboratory tests showed the existence of melamine, which is used in the production of plastic products such as utensils, containers, seats and plastic bags. So, to show that they are concerned with all of these, they recalled all of their products and hope to look for other suppliers of raw materials for pet food.

That’s why, it’s important that you should also be very keen and observant on what you are giving to your pet. The most secured place to shop for pet foods that can give you a peace of mind and not blow your pet’s mind into pieces is through the Internet. Not only you can find the most reliable and safe pet food products but you can also pick the most affordable pet food items.

You don’t want to let bad things happen to your pet now, would you? Just be glad that there is what they call a pet food recall to ensure your pet’s health. For now, just say that you and your pet are lucky souls to have known about these kinds of things and perhaps, it’s also best that you should contact a veterinarian to help and support you in giving the best of everything for your pet.

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Pet Food Safety – Home Made Can Eliminate Uncertainty

The latest outbreak of dog food and cat food contamination has shaken the confidence of pet owners the world over, but nowhere as much as in the United States where illness and reported deaths took its highest toll of family pets. Now, in the aftermath of large scale pet food recalls, many are asking questions about the ingredients that they’ve always trusted to provide optimum health for their family pets.

It comes as no real surprise now that many pet owners are choosing to make their own homegrown variety of pet nutrition. When made properly, it has to be a better option than all that imported stuff with unknown ingredients of suspicious composition and origin. In fact, many say it’s not too difficult at all and fairly inexpensive to make. But, a number of experts caution that homemade diets won’t work for every pet or its owner. Some dogs and cats have a more difficult time adjusting to a new diet and the new process itself may simply be too labor intensive and inconvenient for many owners. The choice should be made only after careful consideration.

For starters, you can have your family vet or a recommended veterinary nutritionist put together a starter diet for you to try. On the other hand, if you prefer, do the nutritional research yourself. It’s unfortunate, but the rap against vets today, is similar to what doctors experienced in years past, that they know a lot about medicine, but were never taught much about nutrition. And, the veterinary nutritionists are accused of being little more than puppets, with the pet food manufacturers pulling the strings. There may be an element of truth to both, but in any case you’ll have to use your own judgment. However, having a few sample diets to follow while getting started will most likely be helpful.

The most responsible advice is to suggest paying close attention to your dog or cat. You know your pet better than anyone, so you should quickly notice changes in the quality of their health, such as energy levels, condition of their coat and stool texture. So, keep a close eye out for any subtle changes during the transition, as you would with changes to any food. When you decide to begin with your homemade foods, do it gradually by mixing the new food into the old food for a couple of weeks. Slowly increase the ratio of new to old each day as you monitor your pet’s adjustment.

Another trend of late has some owners feeding their pets a diet based largely on raw meat, vegetables and fruits. In fact, many people believe it’s the most natural and therefore the healthiest choice for pets. Melinda Miller, president of the North American Raw Pet Food Association recently stated, “There are a wide variety of benefits. Animals with arthritis and longstanding gastrointestinal ailments or skin problems often improve significantly after being placed on grain-free raw diets”.

For those who might be concerned about introducing contaminants into their own diets, it’s important to note here that the more common phobias and issues related to food borne microbes, such as salmonella are largely unfounded, with no real evidence of actual cases of illness to animals or humans when the meat is fresh and handled in an appropriate manner. Melinda Miller added, “no study has ever correlated human illness with raw-fed dogs or cats.” Raw food diets are popular in Europe and have gained significant interest in America over the past twenty years, so it can be considered yet another possible alternative over the store bought brands.

A Word of Caution:

Don’t just think that you can feed your pet table scraps and assume it to be a viable nutritional alternative. It’s not! Pets have special needs just as we do, so do your homework. There are many online resources, and even pet food cookbooks to help make things a lot easier. But, in the meantime, don’t just feed them what you’re eating. At the very least, they won’t be getting the nutrition they need, and the things you’re giving them could make them sick or even kill them.

Here’s a short list of foods that can be toxic for animals and should always be avoided, even in small quantities: chocolate, mushrooms, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, leeks, chives, grapes, raisins, potato peelings, tomatoes (cats) and drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. The list for your particular pet may include other dangerous or sickening foods, so think before you toss.

Making your own pet foods can certainly be a loving and caring way to guarantee that your pet gets the healthy nutrition it deserves and without the risk of unknown contaminants. But, do your cost/benefit research first as to ensure a situation that you’re comfortable with including dollars, time and balanced nutrition. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages for both you and your pet before deciding on this trendy alternative.


Zeolite The Perfect Solution To Control Pet Odors In Dog Runs And Lawns Including Synthetic Grass

Important Properties of Perfect Lawns Pet Crystals:**

An Excellent Pet Odor Control for Lawns, Horse Corrals and Dog Runs:

Perfect Lawn Natural Pet Crystals are uniquely effective in adsorbing ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gasses. These naturally occurring properties make natural Zeolite Crystals ideal for use in natural and Synthetic Grass, Dog Runs and Horse Corrals to prevent emanation of irritating pet waste odors by effectively controlling the irritating gases and smells typically associated with family pets and horses.

Unlike other odor treatment products that mask offensive odors, natural Zeolite pet crystals binds and captures many of the source gases in its naturally occurring matrix used for stalls, barns, kennels, dog runs natural and Synthetic Grass areas. Zeolite can be used in SNWA

Organic Zeolite crystals can be added to your Synthetic grass prior to the installation reducing 80% of the odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste. The other good news is that in addition to eliminating the majority of pet odors, it naturally renews itself with each rain or by occasionally hosing it down. No need to constantly replace or buy new materials!

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral mined in the mountains high above Californias Death Valley. It is safe for kids, pets and the environment. Natural Zeolite crystals are also used for drinking water purification, professional aquarium filter systems and also as a daily mineral supplement for natural healing and detoxifying.

Now you can easily keep your yard and grass looking and smelling its best with Zeolite Natural Pet Crystals!

Your family can now play and enjoy your Synthetic Grass areas with confidence of a pleasant experience.


The most fundamental consideration regarding the adsorption of chemical species and odors by Zeolite is molecular sieving. Species with a kinetic diameter which makes them too large to pass through a Zeolite pore are effectively “sieved.” This “sieve” effect can be utilized to produce sharp separations of molecules by size and shape; thus providing for an excellent medium for odor absorption.

The particular affinity a species has for an internal Zeolite cavity depends on electronic considerations. The strong electrostatic field within a Zeolite cavity results in very strong interaction with polar molecules such as water. Non-polar molecules are also strongly adsorbed due to the polarizing power of these electric fields. Thus, excellent separations can be achieved by Zeolite even when no steric hindrance occurs. Zeolites unique odor absorption properties can continue to function for many years.

Adsorption based on molecular sieving, electrostatic fields, and polarizability are always reversible in theory and usually reversible in practice. This allows the Zeolite to be reused many times, cycling between adsorption and desorption. This accounts for the considerable economic value of Zeolite in adsorptive applications and odor control.

Controlling pet and horse odors has never been easier and less expensive with a one time application of Zeolite Pet Crystals

Zeolite Pet Crystals may be obtained from many sources on line for $5.00 to $7.00 per lb, plus shipping and handling charges.

The recommended application rate for a new Synthetic grass installation or a gravel dog run is one pound per square foot. (200 sf would require 100 pounds of Zeolite) If applying Zeolite to an existing Synlawn or other brand of Fake Grass, the application rate is 1/2 lb per square foot.


Good Justification To Buy Pet Accessories Online

Shopping online for pet accessories is an easy, simple and an uncomplicated way to purchase. This is considered as the most effective way to make a purchase as the products present on an online fashion store are accessible at anytime. They are most easiest way to obtain various supplies, books, books, apparels and other items for your pet. Anytime you can browse through the internet searching for the products you require and it is the most convienent way because the items will be delivered directly to the address of your choice. You do not have to wait in a line to pay for your order or rush from one store to the other finding the suitable products.

The shopping oppurtunities is not limited for just the normal pet but for all the various breeds. There are abundance of oppurtunities for different species like cats, dogs and the birds and there are additional items for fish, reptiles, rabbits, rats and other domestic animals. sometimes you might have a problem with payment options and ordering , you can visit the website. If you have any query you can make a call or email your query. The online stores provides better customer satisfaction by helping their shoper in the best possible way. Thus, this is definitely better than wandering around the stores finding a worker to assist you.

There are some of the very important pet accessories that you must purchase.in order to maintain the health and development of your dog. If you have a dog , then dog house is must.You must decide on the size of the house depending upon the size of your pet. A small Kennel wooden dog house cottage for very small pets.These dog houses are weather treated, well protected and well ventilated to provide your pet with great comfort. These homes are designed in way with raised strips, roofs and outsized doors.

Many of the stores have very good exchange and return policies, that enables you to exchange or return any item that you have wrongly purchased may be the wrong colour or size.However, it is very important to check the policy for the return. Sometimes it happens that what looks great online isn’t what you really thought of. You should be aware of the fact that whether their refund policy is monetary one or a credit that will be applied to your next order.

When deciding whether or not to buy the pet accessories online just remember the advantages. It is very simple choice to make whether it be food, bedding, toys or medications, you’ll not be dissappointed in the selection. Keep your furry friend happy and contented by getting him or her the things that they need. The author is pet lover and love to write about pets and pets products. He currently writes about advantage of online pet shop and Pet Accessories. To know more about pets and pets product visit http//:www.petluxury.in.


Eco Filling Australia Launches the Super Sized Eco Lifestyle Floor Cushion

MORNINGTON, Australia — Urban, Eco, Oversized Floor Cushions is how Melissa Booth of Eco Filling Australia describes the new product line.

“When looking at how families like to relax we new it was imperative to make the floor cushions super sized and super filled to accommodate more than one person”.

The new Eco Lifestyle Cushion comes in two Super Sizes, 90x90cm and 110 x 110cm. Each floor cushion can take between 4- 5 kilos of Eco Friendly Recycled PET Fibre.

Why use Recycled PET Fibre? Melissa explains, “Recycled PET fibre will perform exactly like a traditional high-grade polyester fill, but instead of being made from virgin chemicals, the fibre is derived from recycled water bottles. Recycled PET also has a greater resilience rating and will last for much longer. Recycled PET is also Hypoallergenic and odour free . It can also be Hand Washed making it easy to keep your Lifestyle floor cushion clean all year round.

“Most importantly, For every 3 Kilos of RPET fibre used in one of our Eco Lifestyle Cushions we are saving approx. 210 plastic bottles from landfill.”

With 15 Unique, Designer Cotton Canvas Covers which will fit with most decors and all cushions made with Heavy Duty Stitching, hidden Zips and removable covers, this cushion is sure to be a big hit with families in lounge and rumpus rooms, teenage retreats and summer lounging on the patio.

It was also important to the design that the cushions were Machine Washable. Cotton Canvas Covers, Insert Covers and eco filling can all be washed, making it easy to keep clean all year round.

With FREE shipping within Australia and prices starting from $180.00 the Eco Lifestyle Cushion is great value.

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Political Scandals Becoming Increasingly More Prevalent

Political scandals seem to be popping up in the news constantly lately, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The public’s trustworthiness and patience towards their elected officials has been decreasing significantly, and many have lost hope of any change of an honest politician that puts the people first. It’s not just scandals that are the issue, often times there are backdoor deals and many things that do not end up becoming scandals, because they never end up being found out. Gridlock in Washington and in Politics can be frustrating, especially since voting in new representatives seem to offer little use.

Political scandals are hard to define with an exact definition. Although there is no set criteria for what qualifies something as a poltiical scandal, there is some broad criteria. As you can imagine anything that is released that involves the breaking of any laws will immediately become a large political scandal. Additionally sexual scandals are also quite common, particularly those of former President Bill Clinton and Rep Anthony Weiner. Both of their sexual scandals blew up into national headlines, becoming huge political scandals. The political scandal definition can be broad however, and can include many other potential acts, whether illegal or not. For something to become a scandal it does not necessarily have to had been an illegal act, although many times it is. Political scandals can broadly be defined as anything a politician would not want the public to know about their tenture in office, that is eventually leaked to the public in some way. Leaks of information that was not supposed to become public has been a more common political scandal in recent years. .

There have been countless scandals, in fact a search online for political scandals will bring up huge lists of both Federal as well state State and local political scandals throughout the year. In 2014 there has already been some discussion of various scandals of Governors, and of course Obama. The Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare has led to so much debate its tough to argue against it being called a scandal. Obama is believed to have known the website would end up not working, and to have known that people would lose their coverage, but went ahead with his own political agenda anyway. It is unfair to just pick out Obama however, as politicians from both parties are guilty or malpractice.

John Stone recommends this site for the latest news and political updates: Checkout the Most Recent Political Scandal in 2014 involving NJ Governor Chris Christie here


Why Pet Photography Is Big Business

Pets provide a high level of enjoyment to people of all ages. They are playmates with young kids, an exercise buddy for middle aged couples and a companion to the elderly. Research has actually shown that widows that have a cat or dog actually live longer than those without a pet.

They can help relieve stress, but most important, a pet is a true friend. A pet is loyal and will not bad mouth you to all the other neighbourhood animals. They require attention, but in return, will give you so much more.

So it’s no surprise that animal owners like get images of their furry friends. Unfortunately the average life span of a cat or dog can be anywhere between 8 and 16 years, so holding on to long lasting memories can be very important. Similarly, pet owners see their animal as a family member and want to have photos of them up around the house, like they would a daughter or son.

Because of this, pet photography is big business, all over the world. Being able to capture animals at their cutest or most exciting is no easy task, and a professional pet photographer can demand good money for their services. Specialist photographers have extensive experience taking photos in their specific niche, so an animal photographer knows exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes shooting (with a camera) a dog, cat, guinea pig or whatever pet you might have.

You may choose to get your pet photographed on its own, with its favourite toy, or with your whole family. Generally, the photographer will ask what kind of photos you’d like, but then also suggest some ideas they think would work well. In the modern age of digital cameras, it allows them to take dozens of photos without driving up the price of the session,
and only choosing the select few that look best.

Don’t try and get too creative though. Pets wearing clothes might seem “cute” to you but it may look cringeworthy to others. If you are planning on having the photo mounted on your wall at home that friends will see, ensure the image is something that people will appreciate, and that captures the personalitly of your animal.

If budget is an issue to you, you might look to submit your photos to a women’s magazine, or local photography competition. These places often offer cash prizes for winning photos, which would help pay for them in the first place! Be sure to check with the photographer first that it’s okay to do this.

So get the pet photographer to be creative and try lots of different shots from multiple angles. This will maximise the chances of getting the perfect photo of your perfect friend!


The Benefits And Disadvantages Of A House Rabbit As A Pet

Would you like a house rabbit as a pet? Then read on to discover what factors you need to consider before you make the final decision.

Firstly, as with any pet, you must take into account the long term commitment. A rabbit can live for anywhere between seven to ten years, so you must be sure that you are able and willing to care for your pet for this length of time.

Any pet also always requires a financial outlay and a rabbit is no exception to this. At the end of the day rabbits will be an expense in terms of veterinary bills, housing and food. A house rabbit will most certainly need to be spayed or neutered as this will make litter training much easier and will also stop male rabbits marking their territory. For a female rabbit spaying is doubly important as a very high percentage of domesticated female rabbits will suffer from uterine cancer, this is because as opposed to in the wild they are not continually having litters, and thus for them spaying is vital. This does not need to be a hugely costly operation but again it is one more aspect to consider.

Another outlay comes in terms of the time you are able to dedicate to your pet. Aside from the usual time required for feeding and caring for a pet, it must be remembered that rabbits are very social animals and thus unless you have more than one, you are going to have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to interacting and playing with your little housemate. Of course this is very enjoyable time, but none-the-less requires you to be aware of it from the start.

Another big factor to consider with a house rabbit is just how much they love chewing. If you are a household with a lot of cabling lying around or you have very treasured furniture, then a house rabbit may not be the perfect choice for you. You are going to have to bunny proof your house to a large extent, making sure that any electric cable is well out of reach or properly boxed away behind cable protectors. Furniture is not quite so easy to deal with and whilst some rabbits will grow out of chewing or you can get sprays to discourage them, I’m afraid this can not be relied upon for all rabbits. A rabbit is not a dog and thus they are not really open to being trained, so just make sure you are happy to deal with the adjustments before you make the choice of a house rabbit.

In line with the above comment about a rabbit not being a dog it must be remembered that their natural instincts are that of a prey animal. They are sensitive to what is going on around them such as disturbance and noise, and need to be in a calm environment where possible. Some rabbits need quite a lot of time to adjust to being picked up, as their instinct is always to have all four feet safely on the ground. Rabbits also have quite a delicate bone structure and thus they are not a good choice of pet if they are going to be roughly handled by small children and careful thought also need to be given if you are introducing a rabbit to a home where there are already others pets present, such as cats or dogs.

These factors aside, rabbits do make lovely pets. They are very clean animals, are easily litter trained and have really cute, mischievous little characters and they love to interact with humans, albeit on their own terms. If you have the right environment for a rabbit, or are willing to adapt the one you have to their needs, and you have the finances and time to commit to their care long term then they are a very rewarding housemate. A rabbit is a very sweetnatured, cute animal but you must consider all the factors before you decide if they are the right pet for you.


Protecting Your Home From Fleas With Flevox Flea Treatment

Fleas can be a common problem in homes in the UK. Even if you dont have pets you can find fleas making their way into homes and causing infestations. Flevox flea treatment can be an effective way of protecting your home against fleas.

With Flevox Flea treatment you will be able to treat your pets with powerful chemicals that are safe to use in the home environment.

Understanding Fleas

Fleas can transmit disease but thankfully this is not a common problem in the UK. However fleas can transmit microscopic parasitic worm eggs here and can also cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. It is important that you understand fleas and how to prevent them in your home.

– There are many different species of fleas. This live on household pets such as cats and dogs and tend to be around 2mm in length with squat bodies, long back legs and a reddish/brown colour.

– Adult fleas are parasites and live on the blood of animals. However the main problem with fleas is that the larvae feed on organic waste matter that can be found in carpets, rugs, bedding and under floorboards.

– Fleas can remain in the cocoon stage for up to two years in a dormant state. They can awaken at any time and this can be triggered by vibrations made from footsteps or vacuuming and the infestation cycle can begin again.

– This makes it difficult for homeowners to successfully treat infestations as these larvae can be buried deep in out of the way places.

– High levels of hygiene can help to break the life cycle of fleas and get rid of an infestation. You can use Flevox Flea treatment to get rid of fleas and make sure you wash bedding and vacuum regularly to help remove larvae from carpets and bedding.

– Cat and dog fleas will bite humans but they cannot live on the human body. Typically these fleas will jump up from carpets and bedding and bite around the lower body (particularly the ankles).

– These fleas will also bite the arms and hands as people handing infested pets.

– Flea bites should not be a problem for humans. However some people are allergic to flea bites and this can cause uncomfortable swelling around the bite mark and irritation.

– You should treat flea bites with some antiseptic/antibacterial products as these can become infested if left untreated.

– Using Flevox Flea treatment will be a powerful way to protect your pets and home against fleas.

– You may not be able to spot fleas straight away on pets. The main signs of fleas include itching and scratching, small black flecks in the fur (flea droppings) and thin patches of fur.

– If you spot any of these signs it is important to use a Flevox Flea treatment as soon as possible to prevent infestations.