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Anaheim California Motorcycle Accident Kills Teen

The Orange County Register is reporting that a seventeen-year-old boy has been killed in a motorcycle accident at Santa Ana Canyon Road and Maud Lane in Anaheim. The accident occurred early on Monday morning. The teen, Brendan Shanks was on his motorcycle westbound on Santa Ana Canyon Road when his bike collided with a Chrysler that attempted to make a turn at Maud Lane. The motorcyclist was rushed to the Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he succumbed to his injuries. The driver of the Chrysler, a woman did not suffer any injuries.

Pictures of the bike after the motorcycle accident told a grim tale of the kind of impact the crash had. The motorcycle was severely smashed. You can also tell how severe the impact must have been from the fact that the injuries were fatal, despite the motorcyclist wearing helmet. Anaheim police are investigating the cause of the motorcycle accident. So far, they say its not clear if speed played a part in the accident.

It seems like the family of the young boy should be considering their legal options after his death. There is obviously more to this accident that meets the eye. Initial reports have been very brief, but an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer will look at a number of probable casual factors that could have caused the accident. What was the speed of the Chrysler as it turned into the lane? Who had the right of way? Did the driver cut Brendan off? As we have noted on our Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer blog, too often we see that motorcycle accidents are the result of the failure of motorists to respect the rights of these riders.

Meanwhile, mourners, including Shanks friends from school quickly gathered at the crash site to honor his memory.

In an aside to this motorcycle accident, one of the police officers who was responding to the fatal crash was involved in a motorcycle crash himself as he was going to the Western Medical Center. The accident was a solo crash, and the officer suffered moderate injuries.

While drunken driving accident deaths have been dropping in California, the number of motorcycle fatalities is unfortunately on the rise. This seems to be a nationwide trend. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of motorcycle accident fatalities rose by 8 percent between 2003 and 2004. While the increasing number of people riding these days could be a factor, its also well known that motorists attitudes towards motorcyclists are grudgingly tolerant at best, and downright aggressive at worst. Unless a victim hires an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer, its possible that this discrimination is carried over when its time to compensate him for his suffering.


The 3 Main Types Of Motorcycles Pros And Cons

The thrill of riding with the wind in your face, the roar of the engine and ease of maneuverability make motorcycles fun. Fuel economy and a lower sticker price than cars make them even more attractive. There are three main types of motorcycles: street bikes, off-road bikes and dual-purpose bikes.
Street motorcycles: Street bikes are the most common motorcycle type. They are designed to be ridden on paved roads.

Features: Street motorcycles feature aerodynamic body panels and fenders to cover the functional components of the bike. They also have car-like features including cushy seats, speedometers and odometers, storage areas and smoother tires for a comfortable ride.
Strengths: Street bikes make excellent modes of regular transportation. They have high fuel economy, with some bikes getting around 100 miles to the gallon. Certain types of street bikes are even ideal for long-distance traveling. Tending to cost less than cars and trucks, street bikes are an affordable option for many commuters.
Weaknesses: If you want to take your bike off-roading, a street motorcycle isnt your best option. The smooth tires and suspension are ineffective on rugged terrain. Also, while these bikes feature some storage, its not as much as you could get in a car.
Types: Among the many types of street motorcycles available, these are most common:

Cruisers: These comfortable bikes are perfect for driving around town. When seated, your feet are forward, your arms are slightly raised and your back is either straight or slightly reclined. A classic example of a cruiser is a Harley-Davidson. Chopper-style motorcycles also qualify as cruisers.
Sport bikes: These racy little bikes are commonly referred to crotch rockets for their speed and loud sound. When you ride one of these bikes, youre hunched forward with your legs bent and feet slightly behind you. Sport bikes are lightweight and have great speed and maneuverability. However, they are less comfortable due to the seating position and lack of compartments.
Touring: Touring motorcycles are built for long-distance travel. The curved seat and high back support allow you to sit in a relaxed, upright position. They also have plenty of storage compartments for luggage as well as a small windshield, large fuel tank and spacious bodies.
Off-road motorcycles: These motorcycles, also called dirt bikes, are best suited to recreational use and in sports such as motocross and rallies. Their rugged designs enable them to travel muddy trails and rocky terrain.

Features: Off-road motorcycles are lightweight due to their small engines and lack of body features. They also have large, knobby tires built to navigate uneven surfaces.
Strengths: This type of motorcycle is perfect if youre an outdoor adventurer. You can ride through trails and up hills and mountains with ease. You can also ride in competitions like motocross or rallies.
Weaknesses: Most off-road motorcycles cant function as regular transportation. They are missing certain features, like lights, mirrors and emissions standards required to travel on streets. Also, many states wont issue license plates to off-road motorcycles.
Types: Off-road motorcycles vary depending on the sport or event for which they are intended. Motocross, perhaps the most popular, features bikes that are exceptionally light so they can easily clear jumps. Rallies, which are races through the desert, require heavier bikes with larger fuel tanks to travel long distances.
Dual-purpose motorcycle: If you cant decide between a street bike and an off-road bike, there is a compromise: the dual purpose. The dual purpose bike can go off-roading and travel on streets, though its not as rugged as an off-road bike, nor as comfortable as a street bike.

Features: Dual purpose motorcycles resemble street bikes with their heavier weights and fuller bodies. They also meet road standards by having lights, mirrors, acceptable emissions standards and license plates. Off-road features of dual-purpose bikes include higher clearance and rugged tires.
Strengths: These bikes can be used for daily travel on paved roads as well as for weekend recreation. They can also handle rougher terrain than some street bikes.
Weaknesses: Due to heavier weight, these bikes cant climb especially rough terrain like an off-road bike. Additionally, sportier versions of dual purpose motorcycles are missing comfort features, making them less suitable for long-distance travel.
Types: Adventure-touring bikes are the most common of these dual purpose machines. They have the weight and look of a street bike, with larger fuel tanks and storage compartments, but can handle gravel and some off-road scenarios. Bikers who want even more off-road capabilities out of a dual-purpose bike should consider enduro and supermoto bikes, which resemble off-road bikes in looks and performance.

No matter which type of bike suits you best, its important to protect your investment with affordable motorcycle insurance. Nationwide Insurance offers motorcycle insurance coverage tailored to your needs and budget. This lets you enjoy riding with peace of mind knowing that youre covered in the event of an accident, damage or theft. Depending on your driving record and the street legal motorcycle you own, you may also be eligible for motorcycle insurance discounts.


Significant Role of Missouri Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in Handling Mishaps

In Missouri, accidents are really frequent. Most of the times, the cases involve collision of the motorcycle with the passenger vehicles, mainly cars and trucks. The rash driving of the passenger vehicle’s driver is the cause of these mishaps, in most cases. Thus, if you are one of the sufferers, it is advised to consult an expert lawyer working in the Missouri motorcycle accident law firm. Even in cases of DWI that is driving when intoxicated, you can take proper advice from Missouri DWI law firm in case of any mishap due to the wrongful act of the other person.

Missouri motorcycle accident law firm offers numerous lawyers who are well equipped with the skills that are usually required to get justice for the injured victims and well as their families. In fact, the most important factor that you must consider is the choice of an appropriate lawyer. Even if your case is strong, you are recommended to choose a lawyer carefully to avoid any regrets afterwards. If your choice of attorney is wrong, it will automatically reduce your chance to get justice against these mishaps. Not only in case of motorcycle accidents, but the same needs to be followed while selecting DWI lawyers employed within the Missouri DWI law firm.rm.

Missouri motorcycle accident law has been framed to protect the lives of the common people. Thus, it becomes the duty of the lawyers to try their level best to get you justice if you are among the injured victims. However, your role is also significant as far as the lawsuit is concerned. This is because you are the one who is responsible for selecting a lawyer who can fight on behalf of you. He is your representative during the court case and hence he must present the incident strongly, hardly giving any chance to the opposition to rescue. Along with this, while selecting your lawyer from Missouri DWI law firm also, you must examine whether he can deal with your case efficiently or not.
Thus, as far as the Missouri motorcycle accident law is concerned, the lawyer whom you choose must be experienced enough to yield best results. They generally belong to the category of personal injury attorney, thus, you must examine whether he has fought for such mishaps before. If yes, give him the overall case study to analyze the matter properly and note down the strong points along with the weak ones to be prepared prior to the case date. With the two-wheeler accidents law firms, the Missouri DWI law firm also offers lawyers and you are recommended to check their familiarity with the DWI lawsuit along with the personal injury motorcycle mishaps.

According to the Missouri motorcycle accident law, whatever strong points the lawyer could present, he must put them forward during the first attempt because once the judgment is made, no further claim or attempt is allowed. Not only the motorcyclists, but also the people suffering from DWI incidents are troubled by the frequent accidents. Thus, to protect the rights of these people, the Missouri motorcycle accident as the Missouri DWI law firm have been established to provide for well equipped and knowledgeable attorneys to represent the victims properly during the court-case.


How To Choose Electric Motorcycle For Your Child

Electric motorcycles are a good learning opportunity for child riders to step up to a full sized cycle gradually and at their own pace – while still having plenty of fun. Electric motorcycles are also a fantastic value starting at far less than the noisy, scaled-down versions of gasoline-powered bikes.Basically, electric motorcycles can be classified into two; power-on-demand motorcycles and power-assist motorcycles.Most of us may have commercial interests while buying or using electric mopeds but for children, electric bikes are nothing less than a luxury. An electric motorcycle can be a lot of fun for children, but when it comes to picking out the right kid’s motorcycle there are many things to consider.

One of the thing that you need to consider is the frame of the motorcycle. You’ll want to get a motorcycle that is not only sturdy enough for your child right now, but also in the future. Kids grow up quickly and you don’t want them to outgrow the motorcycle too soon. Different motorcycle are engineered for different weights.You’ll also want to be sure that the frame is strong enough to stand up to the punishment that a typical child will put it through.

Besides that, you also need to consider about the speed of the motorcycle. You need to remember that it is actual child that will be riding the motorcycle. Not all electric motorcycle can go the same speed and you want to make sure that the one you buy doesn’t go too fast for your child to handle safely. Anyway, most children motorcycle are already design to have a suitable speed for children. Safety is one of the most important things to consider and it’s nice to know the speeds are low enough to keep kids safe when riding around the neighborhood.

You also has to consider the motor power when you deciding to buy a electric motorcycle for your child. Weight is an important consideration for the motor. Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor the more weight it will be able to carry at full speed. So if your child is old enough to approach the top end of the motorcycle’s limit, consider the next model up to get a more powerful motor for more fun and higher speeds.

Battery power should be consider also.Most electric motorcycle, can offers 40 minutes of ride time and it takes 12 hours to recharge. It really depends on the user, because lighter individuals won’t need as much power to get it moving. So, if your children are heavy, you might want to consider motorcycle with higher battery life and power.

Once you look over everything you will find that it’s a great investment for children. Even though it requires adult supervision, children still love this toy and most likely the neighbor’s kids will as well. Hopefully you’ve picked up a few useful tips for picking out a kid’s electric motorcycle. If you keep these tips in mind as you shop you’ll be sure to pick out just the right electric scooter for your child.


History Of Honda Motorcycle Success

The year 2010 has started off as a financial success for the Honda Motor Company who has seen profits with a net income of just over 72 billion Yen in Q1 of January-March. Honda were hit by the recession hard back in 2009 when in the same period, they saw a loss of nearly 179 billion Yen but are celebrating the improved situation this year.

Honda Motor Company was originally set up in the late 1940s by Japanese entrepreneur Soichiro Honda who aimed to produce a cheap method of transport for those after the Second World War. The company found a niche in the production of Motorcycles and release the C model which was considered a success. This led to the production of what was later known as the Dream D model which was an inexpensive bike with three horsepower and two-speed transmission. Honda then continued on his journey to produce a vast array of machines and Honda motorcycle parts which resulted in the eventual trust of the consumer and financial success.

Having moved on significantly both in technological advances and history, Honda have celebrated great success this year. This is due to many factors including a great increase in the operations of Asia which increased by 28.2%. This is due to both increased numbers of motorcycles and automobiles sold, as well as the changes in currency translations.

For the last financial year ending 31st March 2010, Honda released figures of a 95.9% increase in net income and the companys revenue for this year amounted to 8.57 trillion Yen. This was still a decrease compared to that of the fiscal year 2008-2009, but still shows good recovery. The company are now expecting a net income of 340 billion Yen for the next financial year 2010-2011, with projected sales of 9.34 trillion Yen. The companys motorcycle sector showed sales of 2.6 million units for the January-March period which is an increase in 30% compared to that of last year.

Honda are hoping to continue this success in order to reach their projected targets for 2011 and are set to make great profits next year. This reflects how the company has worked to gain even more market share within the automobile and motorcycle industry. With their range of high quality Honda motorcycles released this year as well as Honda motorcycle spares and accessories, they are looking to increase this share even further and remain one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers the World has even seen.

In order to purchase any of the Honda products, you will need to head to one of the many local Honda motorbike dealers who will stock a wide range to choose from.


Motorcycle Helmets and Motocross Helmets

Motocross racing, dirt bike racing, and even snow sports – all these demand top quality apparels and gears not merely for the aesthetic point of view but for the sake of safety and protection as well. Motocross helmets and motorcycle helmets protect the head from any deadly contusions during racing, while the right off road apparel protects the entire body and also provides a professional appearance to the racers themselves. There are world-competitive brand names available online, and ready to offer you superior made motocross wear and off road gear like DC shoes, Monster Energy Apparel, Fox Motocross, and AlpineStars motocross to name a few.

Any motor sport enthusiast would want to find a host of great products, accessories, apparel and gears, all from top quality brands and at very attractive deals. Even if you don’t actually play the motorcycle sports and just like everyone else is an ordinary fan of the sport, casual apparel is also the thing nowadays. From the off road motocross helmets and boots, motorcycle helmets from top sellers, and cool off road apparel, any motocross fan is certain to appreciate what good quality can bring. If what you need however are motorcycle parts and dirt bike parts from top performing brands, the best ones would be those which can sustain even the roughest of terrains. Gear yourself up and be ready for the action that will have you raising your adrenaline in no time.

However, if it is motorcycle parts that you require, look no further than online stores that can give you the best deals. Categorized outdoor vehicle parts are widely available from top sellers where you are guaranteed only the best in engineering design and manufacture. Dirt bike parts, off road parts, snow parts, and even ATV parts- all these are important in any bike racing activity. Whether you pursue these motor related activities as a hobby or as a serious profession having the right gear and parts is always a requirement.

For easy online shopping, you can even shop by brands, where your choices are narrowed down to suit your unique preferences. From AlpineStars motocross and off road gear to Fox Motocross, and finally to Yamaha accessories like caps and t-shirts, what you need can be found within minutes of easy browsing from online sites. Get the Monster Energy Apparel range of sweatshirts, gloves and track jackets, and DC Shoes apparel for men, women, and even kids. Off road apparel is just as important as the off road gears and parts.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures with the right off road apparel and off road gear, and protective necessities like motocross helmets and motorcycle helmets. Taking the family to an online shopping spree is easy, because there are a lot of products to choose from, readily categorized according to brand, the type of outdoor motor sport, and even according to men’s, women’s, and kid’s apparel. Motocross racing is a sport best enjoyed with safety gears and the right clothing, where you can conquer the race with the highest protection and the least amount of risk.


All About Motorcycle Mirrors

The normal periphery for your eyes is defined and is limited. Mirrors help in extending this periphery with no extra effort from your side. Visibility is an important consideration while riding on the road. It contributes a lot to road safety. Mirrors help in seeing the rear side and thereby enabling you to react appropriately. Many accidents could happen in the absence of motorcycle mirrors.

Unlike cars, motorcycles have only the side mirrors. These two mirrors together cover the entire rear side. Not even once do you have to turn around to see what is happening behind you. You can also adjust the mirror in whichever way you want. Adjust it in such a way that you get the maximum view behind. You will have to manually adjust the mirrors to get the best view.

Motorcycle mirrors, apart from serving the functional use, can also go a long way in improving the looks of your bike. Many variants and models are available today to choose from. You can select one that not only fits the functional requirements but that also help you give a different look to your motorcycle. You will also find mirrors in different shape. The most common shapes are round, rectangular rounded at the edges and oval. Whatever be the shape, check if it helps you get a good view of the rear side before you buy one.

Motorcycle mirrors are very important part of any motorcycle. It is impossible to have a safe ride without them. Any defect or damage to the mirror should be immediately attended to. Sometime you are tempted to leave a broken mirror on without replacing it. It is every dangerous to ride around with damaged mirrors on.

You can buy motorcycle mirrors from online stores. Browse through the different styles of mirrors and select one that meets your needs. All after market mirrors are easy to install and you can install it all on your own. You do not require any additional parts to install them onto your motorcycle. There are so many different colors of frames available for the mirrors. If you are creating a unique style for your motorcycle, you can choose a different shape and different color for the frame. However before buying check the quality and thickness of the mirror. With proper selection, you can get a sporty and fashionable look for your motorcycle without having to spend a fortune.


What Sounds Can Cause You to Fail a Hearing Test

Sounds are not all good for you and some, with prolonged exposure, can be the cause of a failed hearing test. Many people struggle with the loss of the ability to hear. This happens for many reasons, including just getting older. However, more often than not, prolonged exposure to noise or very loud sounds infrequently can cause the damage to the inner ear that can be lasting. If you have failed such a screening and are wondering why this happened to you, it pays to talk to your audiologist about it and what you can do about it. There is help available. It starts with understanding your risks.

Some Sounds Are Okay

Some types of sounds do not damage the ears in any way. These will not lead to any damage seen on a hearing test. For example, a very soft sound, like that of a whisper, has about 30 decibels of sound. Normal conversation is also okay as it has about 60 decibels of sound. If you were to stand next to the average washing machine, that comes in at about 70 decibels and it is still within the normal range where there is no risk present.

Moderate Risk

Anything more than 80 decibels is worrisome because even irregular sounds at this level can begin to cause damage to the inner ear. At the lowest end of this spectrum is the sound of a lawn mower, a hair dryer or heavy traffic. These sounds range from 85 to 90 decibels and while they do not cause instant damage to the ears, they do wear down on your ability to hear over a period of time. Prolonged exposure on an ongoing basis will cause damage here. A motorcycle, with 95 decibels of sound, a snowmobile, with 100 decibels of sound, and a chain saw, with 110 decibels of sound are all too high for regular use.

Very High Sound

Some sounds are classified as high risk or in the injury range. This means that just hearing this sound one time can do permanent damage to your ears if you are close enough to it. For example, an ambulance siren next to the ear is too high because it has about 120 decibels of sound. A jet engine taking off has about 140 decibels of sound. That is also the pain threshold, which means that at this level it is going to be painful.

As you can see, sounds play an important role in your ability to hear. They can also cause you to have a failed hearing test if you are listening to those sounds for good long.

A Reno, NV hearing test helps residents identify and address any pre-existing conditions or injuries to their inner ear canal. Find all the latest devices and methods at: http://www.miracle-ear-reno.com.


Buy Motorcycle Windshield To Motorcycle Taillight From One Shop

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