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Gaming Notebook – Not for Vegas, Baby!

Did you say gaming book? Or was that your new book on Vegas? Neither, the Gaming Notebook is gaining strength in the PC video gaming industry and we ain’t talking Vegas. These mobile rigs are catching up in power and speed to PC desktops. Notebooks are not just for business anymore. With recent improvements in technologies like heat dissipation and notebook power supplies, you are seeing some amazing notebooks hitting the market. Imagine that, just in time for the holidays and I ain’t talking Halloween.

What happened to cause such a jump in notebook gaming? What has occurred this last year has really opened the envelope. Graphic card manufacturers have announced some very fast and slick video cards for notebooks. Not an easy engineering task. Processor manufacturers have really pushed the speeds and cooling on their chips. Power supply manufacturers have greatly improved on their notebook power supplies. More power at nearly the same price without dimming the lights when you plug it in. Motherboard manufacturers have improved power distribution on the board. Peripherals such as disk and optical drives now draw less power. Their energy management systems have helped greatly in drawing down on power. Overall, the architecture of notebooks has been redefined to allow for the faster and hotter gaming components. And can they play those complex games? OHH Yeaaa baby! Bring them on! These new gaming notebooks are amazing. The larger high def screens are incredible. The sound is awesome especially with some good quality headphones. Turn these mobile rigs on, put on the headphones and then get ready to be blown away. What a way to tune out the world. .

And it is not going to stop anytime soon. The graphic card manufacturers have plans on the board for bigger and faster graphic cards with possibly new technology. No, they haven’t shot down any alien spacecraft and reverse engineered anything. Well, I not real sure about that but I could be wrong. Let’s move on. The processor companies are moving forward with bigger and faster processors. I am not sure here about alien technology being reversed engineered because I know for a fact a certain chip company does have a rather large plant in New Mexico. There I go, being paranoid again but then again the buildings are big enough to house some rather large spacecraft and not to mention possible underground facilities that could stretch for miles, maybe all the way to Roswell? Yeah but how do you feed aliens and make them work for you? I guess you could promise them a job in the United Nations or the Presidency of the United States! But let’s not go there because I am afraid they may come pick me up. Just kidding Mr. Black Ops guys.

Getting back to gaming reality, gaming notebooks have come a long way and they will continue on the upward path of technology. Technology will advance; engineers will develop new methods and processes to increase power, speed and performance. New thought processes and worldwide collaborations will spring up. All done with human ingenuity not alien. However, when you are on your way to Vegas Baby with your gaming book that happens to reside on your gaming notebook and look over your shoulder at that black ops helicopter following you, they ain’t there for that alien body you hid in the trunk, they want that alien processor chip that was accidentally installed in your Gaming Notebook by mistake! Play well a may you never be followed.

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Blackberry Vs Iphone Features And Specifications

Both phones have similarities and differences; the similarities being in the battery life and design. Ease of use got equal votes and largely relied on what people preferred. Some found the larger screen of the iPhone better and did not mind sacrificing the physical keyboard for the touch screen keyboard. While others loved the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard on the Blackberry phones, because they claim it made typing simple and that it was a fair sacrifice for a smaller screen.

As far as user friendly applications are concerned, the iPhone clearly leads the front. There are thousands of applications available and though there are a couple of hundred applications which are pretty lousy, overall the iPhone applications are far better than those of the Blackberry.

Users tend to drop their phones accidentally and butter fingers like myself do that frequently. Designed for the road warriors, the Blackberry is by far more durable than the iPhone. The motion sensibility and the touchscreen of the iPhone remain unparallel. But the touchscreen has made the iPhone quite sensitive and as long as you do not drop it face down, it usually survives the fall. The iPhone however has come out with several protective cases that will more than protect your iPhone from any serious damage.

The advantage of the iPhones touchscreen and motion sensibility becomes evident with gaming. Comparing the iPhone and Blackberry in terms of gaming is like comparing a bicycle with a supersonic jet. Playing games on the iPhone is the best you can find in a cell phone and this is just one reason for the iPhones popularity. A variety of games can be played on it and the graphics are simply amazing. Blackberry lags far behind in this department.

When it comes to security, the fact that the most powerful man on the Earth uses a Blackberry Phone speaks volumes of its security features; the iPhone is way behind in this area, but by no means is considered to be unsecure. The CPU of an iPhone is faster and the memory capacity greater but the lack of voice Command and Copy Paste features lets it down a little compared to other phones.

The performance of both devices is outstanding where internet and Wi-Fi are concerned. Both devices browse the web well and access popular social networks with lightning speed. However in business applications the Blackberry is the clear winner due to its ability to link with Microsoft Exchange. Though the new iPhones are offering an MS Exchange Link, it will take Apple sometime to come up to the level of the Blackberry. Another area where it beats the iPhone is the ease of push email. Roaming charges of the Blackberry are low compared to the iPhone and thats why it is preferred by the frequent travelers who like to keep in touch with their business associates or family when they are on the move. Any changes made in the calendar or contact list in the PC in Exchange automatically appears on the Blackberry thus eliminating the need to do so manually.


The iPhone is faster than the Blackberry and comes with more storage space. It is the best choice for those who want a strong entertainment environment as the gaming options and the multimedia features are far superior to Blackberry. On the connectivity, security and business applications front, it bows down to the Blackberry. The Blackberry is hopeless at gaming and needs a lot of help when it comes to applications. However it makes up with its linking ability with the Microsoft Exchange server. Blackberry is a strong reliable business oriented device; while the iPhone is a hip, attractive device with a wide range of apps.

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Tips For Cooling Your Gaming Laptop

The heat that inevitably arises in a gaming laptop is due to the heavy utilization of the graphics card (or GPU) during gaming. In fact, the GPU tends to generate more heat than the central processor itself and has a higher threshold for heat by and large. It is not uncommon for a GPU to reach temperatures in the neighborhood of 80 to 90 degrees C, especially when you are overclocking it.

This, of course, puts the gaming machine in a whole other segment than your average mail-downloading machine without a dedicated graphics card. Constant overheating will not damage the computer right away, but it may have a negative impact on the life span of your PC and is also more than a little uncomfortable.

In addition to bringing down the temperature to manageable levels, an exterior laptop cooler can also provide some additional features to your overall gaming experience such as speakers or more USB ports. At any rate, having a decent laptop cooler is effectively just looking out for your most likely expensive gaming machine. The average cooling unit is a relatively small investment.

When you head out to locate a good cooler pad or stand, there are a number of aspects that ought to affect your decision, the most important one being efficient cooling of course, but also that it fits the dimensions of your laptop. You don’t want to order a cheap one online only to open the package to find a tiny netbook cooler. On the flip side of the coin you don’t want an unnecessarily bulky stand. There is a large amount of coolers available that are designed to suit essentially any unit, but it’s important to check the dimensions so that it suits your laptop.

As a rule of thumb, do not go with a random product based on price or even average rating–find one that is designed to work with your machine.

A couple of other things to consider are the number of fans, capacity and noise level. You can usually get the gist of these matters from the specifications and user reviews. What also needs to be taken into account is the positioning of the most heat-generating surfaces on the laptop. This is generally the space where the GPU and the CPU resides, respectively.

Additionally, you may also want to have a look at the possibility to add some new features to complement your computer. For instance, you have the option to enhance the gaming machine with a new set of speakers or a few more USB ports. A few more expensive models also come with built-in thermostats that adjusts the air flow according to how much heat is produced, which is good news for the average level of noise. The top cooling unit is one that retains the noise level to a bare minimum while also decreasing heat effectively.

To keep the noise to a minimum, there are also passive cooling pads that absorb heat though salts that are frozen at room temperature and will not be using fans at all, but these ones will only last for so long before they need to refreeze. Another option is to choose a cooler with a single huge fan that spins relatively slowly, thus reducing noise output.


Getting The Best Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop is now available in the us. Gaming laptop is a small, mobile, personal. It is primarily used to play computer games. Though any laptop can technically be one, newly purchased gaming laptops are usually distinguished from other models because they contain high-end hardware – a necessity when trying to run the latest graphic- and process-intensive computer games. Aesthetically, gaming laptops tend to be less conservative-looking than traditional computers.

Gaming laptop is a discrete graphics card from ati or nvidia – currently the only two manufacturers that produce high-end graphics solutions. Gaming laptop is of course a decent graphics card. Avoid integrated graphics from intel completely, as they are completely useless for gaming. Gaming laptops are usually of the large variety – with 17-inch or even larger screens – although there are also quite a few 15-inch dedicated gaming laptops. Alien ware is likely the best-known gaming laptop manufacturer, and was recently acquired by dell, so alien ware models will replace dell’s popular xps gaming laptops. To get specific information about gaming laptops, make sure to check out our.

Gaming notebooks or desktops are also bought for other applications that don’t include gaming at all, so if you ask me, in that regard a high performance notebook can classify as a gaming notebook. Our gaming laptops feature performance-enhancing innovations such as quad-core processors, high-bandwidth memory, and hybrid hard drives with ultra-speed cache. The gaming laptops we build deliver benchmark-crushing performance that is unmatched by the competition.

The vision man widow wgmi-4sg210 gaming laptop lets you play games the way they are meant to be played without having to worry if your video card is up to the task. The vision man widow wgmi-4sg210 gaming laptop features the fastest performing processor on the planet – the intel core i7 processor extreme edition. Unique programmable gaming buttons the unit includes two unique gaming buttons that are completely user-definable to allow ultimate control over your gaming experience.

Whether your passion is rooted in fps, mm or pg, or rts games, the vision man widow wgmi-4sg210 gaming laptop is built to dominate with swift execution. Gaming laptop is indeed useless since you can’t or can’t easily upgrade the components. Gaming laptop is a brutal competitor eager to tear your opponents down and build your gaming legacy from the ashes.

The toshiba qosmio x500-s1801 gaming laptop is a brutal competitor eager to tear your opponents down and build your gaming legacy from the ashes. Gaming laptop is the fastest gaming notebook they’ve tested. Gaming laptop is an super powerful gaming platform. Your pc games will perform like never before. Also important for fast gaming performance, is the cpu processor.

Gaming laptop is benchmarked extensively to. Gaming laptop is really made for those who have lots of money to burn, and those who want to taste the real gaming experience using laptop interface.


Information About Different Gaming R4 SDHC Cards

If you want a modified version of R4 V2, you will find that R4 SDHC truly fits the bill. The functions are more or less similar. There is one difference which is considered as striking. The new version is all prepared to accept the Micro-SDHC cards and has the memory capacity of 32GB. This new device is known to be slower than the previous model. However when you look at the boot up time, you will find that it is quite fast.

When you consider the new SDHC, you will see that the loading time is pretty quick. It is pretty compatible with both DS lite and DS. If you go by the reviews, this all-rounder has no obvious complaints and you will find that this adapter is available at a good price. The new in the line is DSTT. This is probably less efficient than SDHC, but this is known to be as compatible as R4v2. The loading times will be slower. This is known to have a list-format user interface.

With this new device, you will be capable of plying different homebrew games. The memory capacity is 32GB. Like SDHC, this is totally compatible with both DS lite and DS. This is probably the cheapest card available in the market which can take up both 4GB and Micro SDHC cards. There is one small drawback.

The game-list interface is good for playing games, but it is not good for playing movies or music. The other cards are better for that purpose. If you really want to use a gaming adaptor for both DS lite and DS, this is probably the best card for you. Moreover when you come to think of the memory capabilities, you are bound to be impressed.

Check out the new EZ Flash Vi. The EZ flash card is good if you own a Nintendo Dsi. There will be different cards available in the market, but the most reliable among the lot is definitely EZ flash. It is compatible with most DS lite, DS and Dsi. This is known to have a rock solid performance and works on all the DS platforms with equal ease. You need no other softwares if you are using the card. Although it is known to be compatible with all the abovementioned three types, it is slightly more expensive than the other cards. Even though the expenses are higher, it remains unmatched in performance.

The last but definitely not the least in the section is the R4 SDHC. This was known to be the first Dsi compatible card from the R4 brand. This all-round performer is actually less expensive than the EZ flash. If you are using the card for the first time, you can very well opt for the card. This is a good thing to try out and you will be definitely impressed with its all new features. If you love video games, then you should try out the different cards. You will find a whole new horizon of gaming experience.

The most obvious place to look for reviews and the detailed description of the R4 SDHC cards is nds-gear.co.uk. All you need to do is browse through the site and you will come up with the most wonderful range of devices R4i and new gaming cards. Know them all, before you buy anything!


Extreme Gaming Computers And Laptops

When you’re playing video games on a slow and dated computer it can be a bit of a let down. This is why real gaming fans often choose an extreme gaming computer to enhance the experience. Gaming computers can be a lot more expensive than regular computers, but there is a reason for this. Being geared for 3D and ultra-realistic games they have a lot more RAM, faster processing speed and a powerful graphics card.

With the additional power it shouldn’t be a surprise that these computers are hundreds and even thousands more than standard computers. However, hardcore gaming fans would agree that paying a few hundred extra is a worthy investment. On the market today there are lots of extreme gaming computers manufactured by different brands to cater to the ever increasing market.

You might be asking why on earth should a person spend hundreds on a gaming computer when consoles like the Wii are so much cheaper? The fact remains that computers made for gaming are much more powerful compared to consoles. Compared to a console, a gaming PC has faster frame rates and run 3D games with higher detail. Furthermore, PC games are often more intricate and engaging for players.

Millions of PC gamers go online to enjoy popular multiplayer games such as the Call of Duty series and World Of Warcraft. Ok, so consoles also have the ability to cater for multi-player games but many would argue that PCs do it better. Extreme gaming computers aren’t just built internally to play big games, their exterior is also well thought.

You may notice that laptops made for gaming have slanted keyboards offering more comfortable gaming. In addition, HD is now pretty much standard, allowing for crystal clear display and richer colors. Let’s not forget the various gaming accessories that are available to further enhance game-play.

A mouse for gaming is ergonomically designed and may not look like a standard mouse, let alone perform like one. In most cases featuring wireless and infrared technology, they have incredibly accurate tracking and are highly responsive. A gaming mouse has a number of extra buttons which allow for more customization when playing games. For those that prefer the feel of console gaming, there is also a huge array of game-pads to choose from.

While the cost of buying an extreme gaming computer can be high a gaming PC can carry out all the functions of a regular PC. You can use your computer for work, watching films, downloading music and everything else that a modern computer is capable of. So why not spend a little extra on a PC and you’ll have the ultimate computer for entertainment and work?


Beginners Guide To Gaming Laptop

In the recent past, technology has improved quite a lot. First laptops were only meant for professional purpose but now laptops are also being used solely for gaming. Gaming laptops give you the freedom to play your game anytime at any place. So, if you are someone who is always on the move then it would be a decision to buy a gaming notebook.

Selecting a laptop is not easy. There are so many features that you will find it very difficult to make a choice. When it comes to buying laptops you should keep in mind that appearances are deceptive. A laptop that looks good is not always the best laptop.

The first and the foremost thing that will help you in making a decision is its price. The price should fit in your budget and at the same time provide you with the specs you want. Once you have a price in mind, you can narrow down to laptops that fit in your budget. You can buy a good gaming laptop for around 1000 USD. If you are planning to buy a laptop with high end specifications, you will have to pay around 2000 or 3000 USD. If you are running low on budget and you are only able to spend around 800 USD, you will be able to find a few laptops in that price range, however such laptops may not be able to play todays visually demanding games.

The graphics card is a must when it comes to choosing a reliable gaming laptop. A laptop with 512MB graphics card is good provided it is a dedicated graphics card. When you are looking for gaming notebooks, you should not go for laptops that have integrated graphics chip as these are not good for gaming purpose.

The processor is the next thing you need to check. A processor with a processing speed of 2GB is good enough for gaming. Dual core processor laptops can play high graphics game smoothly. Intel and AMD are the two famous manufacturers. The only thing you should keep in mind about the processor is that it should provide good processing speed.

To make sure that your game works smoothly along with your graphics card, you need to have at least 2 GB or more of RAM. The other things you need to take into account are the hard disk space, battery life, and its weight. Lastly, do not forget to perform a search online to find a reliable graphic word.


Few tips on how to find best gaming PC

PC games are always been the best entertainer for everyone. The advancement in the technology has made it popular. So if you are looking to purchase a gaming desktop or laptop, you are advised to make good research first. When you look in the market, you will find different types of PC with different price ranges. Hence, by looking into different price choice and varieties, you would be able to know what you actually want.

If you are a hardcore gamer and if you play in network then gaming desktops are best option for you, as it can be optimized for displaying graphics. As a lots of games are played by using the removable drives. The one of the best feature of the desktop is that it makes sure best quality picture and smooth frame rates. These PC also have bigger RAM with faster hard drive in compare to regular desktops. There are two types of gaming PC. Look and chose your best gaming laptops or desktops. .


There are two kinds of gaming desktops or laptops. One is pre-built and the second is custom built. We will discuss both one by one here.

Custom-built: The basic component includes the motherboard and the processor. It can also be customize and assemble as per you gaming requirements. This is cheaper in compare to the pre-built ones. However, it needs more skills as well as technique with more set-up time. Many cheap customs gaming desktop are available in the market. You can build it on your own if you posses good knowledge. You can also take help of an expert.

Prebuilt: These laptops are prebuilt or pre-assembled. It already includes a processor, motherboard, and the important sounds cards with graphics cards. It also have the unlike output and input devices essential for plug in and for playing game. It also contains gaming devices like joysticks and game pads. The other controllers are also connected with it like wheels for the racing games. It is easier set up and is more than custom built.

Purchasing of gaming PC

You need to check first, the ventilation and upgrading preferences of the PC. These kinds of PC can be easily upgraded and you add the features as well as components in it. Always look for the one that has standard port like USB 2.0. It is extremely compatible with various types of add-ons such as controller and hardware. Over heating is one of the problems in these kinds of PCs but it can be solved with proper ventilation system? In addition, you can check for enough vents and fans. Investing in these PC requires big investments. So always, make extensive research before you put your money in.

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Start Playing Online Casino With No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Have you ever heard about casinos which are available online and where do not have to make any investment or deposit but only earn? Yes, you can now enjoy the real gaming experience sitting at home and relaxing. No deposit casino bonuses are those where no initial investment is required. They are also referred to as the best no deposit casinos where you are not required to make any deposit and you can simply download games for free of cost

A no deposit casino is a type of casino that offers a variety of different types of games like any other online casino would. These games include slot machines, roulette and keno. What makes this different is that a “no deposit casino” does not require its users to deposit money in order to get into that casino. The free money that is used cannot be cashed out until a certain limit occurs. The general rule of thumb that many online casinos have is that a casino will not let you cash out until you earn at least fifteen times the amount of free money you got in the casino.

Many online casinos even offer special services where customers can enter bonus codes on a registration menu to get additional free money for the casino. The no deposit casino bonuses also allow you to download flash games without paying anything from your pocket. Now you can simply get registered at their websites or set up an account with some websites that offer online gaming without making any preliminary expenses. Firstly, you will like the no deposit casinos for the plain reason that you will be able to play any game you want without any kind of commitment. Much like pre-paid cellphones, you can jump ship and go to another casino when you feel like it.

This free deposit money can work anywhere at a casino. This is used to allow a person to explore all things that a casino has to work with.

However, the money that is won off of a no deposit casino can be something that cannot be cashed out unless it reaches a certain money limit. The money limit that is involved will vary by each online casino. It will help to take a look at this feature when getting with a no deposit. Anyone who is looking for a good type of casino should see all of these things when it comes to no deposit. People can enroll in no deposit casinos and get free money that can be used to play with all sorts of different features on a casino site. A no deposit casino is a great option for you to look into when checking out online gaming options. This type of casino allows you to play various casino games and not have to do anything to get a free bonus.