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Skills You Didn’t Know Automotive Technicians Need

An automotive technician is expected to have the knowledge to inspect, diagnose and repair most cars and light trucks on the market today, but automobile service centres are also looking for individuals that have great non-technical skills, such as writing, oral communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Each of these skills are just as important as professional expertise.

Good Writing Skills

Writing is a very important skill to have in an automotive career, as automotive technicians must be able to document what they did following the conclusion of a repair job. Each documentation must provide a detailed description of the repair work done on a car, in layman’s terms. They may also be asked to write a summation of the damage occurred in an automobile accident that could be used later as evidence in a legal matter.

Oral Communication

Sometimes, an automotive technician will show off their oral communication skills by working behind the service counter, and providing detail instructions to customers who want to make simple car repairs themselves. Also, they must give periodic progress reports to their supervisor on each car in the service area, and quickly inform customers via a phone call on the severity of the damage done to their car. Another added responsibility for an automotive technician is verbally relaying a parts order list to an outside supplier or receiving further instructions on how to install a part directly from the supplier.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a very important skill in an automotive career, as it helps an automotive technician to diagnose and judge the amount of time needed to repair a car. They use this skill to decipher the reliability of the information provided by customers and determine its relevance to the actual problem with the car. Others use critical thinking as a source to evaluate the usefulness of their working tools and if they’re compatible enough to assist on repair jobs for late-model cars. Critical thinking will also help to assess the condition of vital parts on a car, such as brakes, tires and the exhaust system.

Problem Solving Skills

Automotive technicians use their problem solving skills to help find suitable replacements for automobile parts that aren’t in-stock or simply weren’t delivered to the service center. Others use this skill to assist a co-worker on troubleshooting a car when they cannot resolve the problem themselves.

If you’re thinking about having an automotive career, then don’t forget to develop or improve your non-technical skills. Helping a supervisor resolve a conflict is just as important as fixing a mechanical problem with a car. A good automotive technician must be versatile and perform many roles in an ever-changing industry. Having good non-technical skills are designed to help automotive technicians advance in their automotive careers, as they gain more confidence in their ability.


Motorcycle Tire Treatment and Preservation

Never ever bleed air out of a warm tire!

When tires are underneath inflated they have to flex more when the tire flattens to meet the road. This brings about extra heat and premature tire use. It could also cause a catastrophic failure. A tire can also rotate (slip) on the wheel. If you are using tube variety tires, this can trigger the valve stem to be pulled from the tube.be.

In addition to checking inflation with an precise gauge, observe the tire’s general look. If you see tread groove anxiety cracks, sidewall cracks, blisters, bulges, uneven use, cuts, punctures, flat spots and knots – change the tire! It won’t be able to be repaired. If you are not sure, contact the producer. Do not rely on wear bars. How does the bicycle really feel when you are riding it? Is there a adjust? Is it complicated to steer? Vibration and wobble are extremely really serious and you should end quickly.

Trailers can cause problems with your tires in addition to managing problems. The additional bodyweight of the trailer tongue combined with swift commences and stops set also much anxiety on the back again tire and can bring about it to fail. At finest, you really should be confident the load rating is up to the chore and be expecting accelerated wear on the rear tire. Some components can improve load as effectively, so you need to think about the cumulative pounds of all of your bolt-ons.

Dunlop suggests the following pointers:

For touring motorbike loading

A. Light loads-single rider with some luggage (up to 200 lbs total) – minimal tire

pressure of 32 psi front and 36 psi rear ought to be taken care of.

B. Heavier loads-dual riding and/or luggage (from 200lb. Total up to greatest

motorcycle potential stated in the owner’s manual – stress of 36 psi front and

forty psi rear should be preserved.

For any dual riding or absolutely loaded use, 40 psi will need to be taken care of in all Dunlop rear tires fitted to touring motorcycles.

When you decide to substitute your tires, preserve these elements in brain. Do not use greatest power, do abrupt lean overs or intense corning till you have ridden at least a hundred miles. Allow the tire cool for 3 hours and then verify inflation stress. This will allow you to get use to the new sense and handling of the bike. New tires will have a different lean through edge. If you have only replaced an individual tire, use caution right until you have tested the dealing with.

Make convinced that you have your tires balanced, and rebalanced any time that a tire is taken out.

Motorcycle tire repairs leave no room for error and will need to be completed by a qualified. Tire fix need to be done from the inside of only, with the tire off of the wheel. You ought to not go more that fifty miles per hour for the initial 24 hours and never go 80 or previously mentioned. The wheel will need to nonetheless be in very good affliction, not bent or cracked, and the common affliction of the tire should be superior with no cracks. The tire should have at least 1/32 of an inch of tread depth excluding tread wear indicators.


Ideas For Obtaining Low cost Motorcycle Tires

Let the tire cool for three hours and then check out inflation strain. This permits you to get use to the new feel and handling of the bicycle. New tires will have a distinct lean over edge. If you have only replaced an individual tire, use caution till you have tested the dealing with.

Make certain that you have your tires balanced, and rebalanced any time that a tire is taken out.

Motorcycle tire repairs leave no room for error and should be accomplished by a specialized. Tire restore need to be accomplished from the within only, with the tire off of the wheel. You will need to not go more that 50 miles per hour for the to begin with 24 hours and under no circumstances go eighty or above. The wheel will need to however be in great ailment, not bent or cracked, and the normal situation of the tire should be beneficial with no cracks. The tire should have at minimum one/32 of an inch of tread depth excluding tread wear indicators. By no means fix a punctured tire with a tube. Dirt and moisture will enter the tire and can cause the tire to arrive apart. Do not use a tire sealant. After the fix, the valve assembly will need to be replaced and the tire/wheel rebalanced.

Use only a gentle soap to clean your tires. Do not retail outlet them in sunlight, close to electrical motors or where by they can be uncovered to gas and oil.

We all know that bike tires can be pricey. And if you trip a large cruiser or tourer, or a activity bike with a penchant for the soft sticky ones they appear to burn up up entirely also immediately. Nonetheless, if you critically consider the consequences, deciding on not to exchange worn or ruined tires can be painfully much more expensive.

One of the most important parts of any car or truck is its tires. Not only are the tires issue to a large volume of dress in and tear, but also their sturdiness depends largely upon how you manage them. But just before we go into the details of motorbike tires servicing, let us to begin with realize how you ought to determine which tires are greatest for you.

One particular of the most trusted sources to which you can speak about the form of tires that would match your wants the very best must be the seller from whom you acquired your bike or your bicycle repair mechanic. Given that both these parties do not have any curiosity in providing you wrong facts, they make a excellent commencing level.

Aside from your supplier and mechanic, you can also appear up for info on motorbike tires in: tire guides, journal assessments, manufacturer official web pages and a number of considerable discussion boards on the Internet. This will enable you to re-affirm the information that you have obtained from your bike seller / mechanic.

One particular of the simplest techniques of figuring out the correct brand for tire decision is to appear at the tires which are being utilized by other motorcyclists in a competitors. If any certain brand strikes you to be most normally utilized, it could possibly do you very good to check out out that specific brand name 1st.


Automotive Dealer Management Systems, Are You Using Your Tools Correctly

The potential of many of the UKs dealerships will never be realised unless they start to use the tools they are provided with in the correct way. There is also a good argument that some dealerships are working so hard to achieve their potential that their old antiquated DMS cannot provide the tools needed. Many dealerships need to change their DMS solution because of this. However some view change as troublesome and worrying. There is a simple question that needs to be levelled is your dealership achieving what it should if the answer to this is no then a review of your DMS is essential.

I am often asked about what changes are needed to dealerships to gain that competitive edge? The simple reply to that is you know your dealership, staff and customers better than I. What I can say is that without dedicated, trained and motivated staff even the best DMS in the world will fail. People and process are the most important things in any dealership. Lets be clear about this, DMS is just a device used to achieve set down objectives. It helps if your DMS contains all the tools necessary.

Many in the industry now see that tools such as Showroom systems, Customer relationship management (CRM), analytical reporting, Internet marketing and time management systems are essential. These all should be available integrated into the DMS. There are many of these products available as stand-alone but few integrate, this means yet more work for the user duplicating information.

Choosing a DMS that suits your business is a bit like choosing a business partner, it needs very careful thought and consideration. The following were listed in the last issue as relevant questions to ask and are still essential today.

How will it give us a return on investment and over what time?
Where will it cut costs/enhance efficiency?
Is it designed to grow with our business?
Is it capable of operating multi-company, multi site, multi-franchise?
Will it communicate efficiently with customers on the web, in the call centre and on the dealership floor?
How good is the CRM part of the system?
How easy will it be for staff to adapt to the system? What training is required?
From talking to other users of the system, how good is the suppliers customer support?

Once you have chosen and implemented the DMS that’s where it begins. So many dealers forget that constant training and reviews of process need to be addressed. It is recognised that the average dealer should book at least two days training a year. A decent DMS provider should always be prepared to share their experiences on good working practices. I also think that as business partners the dealer and the DMS provider should document process controls. Simple but effective training training training.

I’d echo other industry observer’s recent comments about the current obsession with running a hosted DMS solution. It’s imperative for a DMS to have access to web services providing third party data delivery, and indeed using the internet as a transport mechanism for multi-site connectivity is a cost effective solution. However, running a DMS over the web where the server is in a datacentre all too often ends in tears. The UK communications infrastructure is not mature enough to reliably run a remote web server based application as intensive as a DMS with adequate performance. How many problems do you have with slow Internet connections? We offer the service, but we don’t actively promote it. Keep your DMS server within your business.

Most dealers owe it to their potential to review the DMS market. I believe that Gemini Systems Dealer Management Systems should be one of the systems reviewed.


Automotive Sales Training By Paul Hauke Ba, Mba, Icmp, Iccsp, Iccdp, Iccdmp

Automotive Sales Training leader PAUL RICHARD HAUKE, BA, MBA, ICMP. ICCSP, ICCDP, ICCDMP, President of IFFPF Inc., the # 1 sales training company worldwide, announces the addition of new and improved sales training and recruiting programs for the Automotive, Marine, RV and Motorcycle industries worldwide. IFFPF Inc. now has the most professional and current Sales Training, Leadership Training, Management Training, Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Satisfaction Indexing available. IFFPF Inc. is more than just the Nations # 1 Sales Recruiting and Training Company: We are the cutting edge of market trends, products and services. IFFPF Inc. clients get all the newest techniques , products, and services first worldwide.

As the marketing in this industry changes so must the marketers. The marketing techniques, products and services change daily. New technology is always on the horizon. Today in the consumer retail environment there is change everywhere. Much of this change is necessitated by the ever increasing number of outlets selling the same products. As it has been often quoted, the piece of the pie is getting smaller. Retail neighborhood storefronts of years ago had only to compete with other retail neighborhood store fronts, and only those in the same neighborhood. Then with the advent of shopping malls and centers , large retailers moved from the neighborhoods to the shopping malls. The competition then became centered on shopping malls and centers. Eventually neighborhood stores began to make a comeback by being more customer friendly and service conscious. Automotive, Marine, RV and Motorcycle dealers were no different. Many neighborhood dealers moved to better highway locations, and thus began the auto mall building. Some did this voluntarily and some were forced by the factories. Either way all retailers moving to bigger and better facilities also took on a lot more debt to do so. So the question is did taking on more debt to be bigger and better really make sense. To many it worked very well. However, I have been involved in working closely with dealerships that over spent and had to restructure, sell off parts of their business, or completely sell out. The buyers were almost always large and very well capitalized dealer groups. Many were publicly financed. And of those public companies many of them have also had to eventually restructure and/or sell.

Now today its no secret that there are many dealerships in trouble. The competition between the dealerships is phenomenal due to the amount of makes and models available , with more coming. Many domestic manufacturers are making there money overseas. However, here in the USA many dealerships are struggling to stay alive. Many dealerships, mostly domestics, have not been able to find buyers for their franchises and have just closed. Domestic manufacturers have been planning for years to close many operating franchises, so to increase the share of the pie for the remaining dealerships.

Franchised dealerships, such as auto dealers, marine dealers, and motorcycle dealers do have an edge over the non franchised business.. The edge is that you must be a franchise to sell and service the product, unlike a clothing store , a restaurant, a food store, etc. With the manufacturers understanding the need to reduce the number of dealers , the future should improve. However , while this is happening another challenge is developing. The internet has brought about an onslaught of non franchised brokers for cars, trucks, boats, RVs and motorcycles that compete with franchised dealers on the internet to sell the franchisees products for them for a referral fee or a listing fee. These internet sites operate both inside and outside each individual dealers area. The promise of the lowest price drives many of these sites. Dealers find themselves fighting over deals worth a few hundred dollars. Its ironic that dealers operate in a retail environment where when a $30,000. vehicle is sold the state collects a sales tax around $2,000.00 for doing nothing (depending on state) and the dealer who has stocked this vehicle, maintained it, and paid the overhead to operate the sales organization many times makes less, both on the gross side and the net side.

Ok , so whats the answer? Well the first thing is that the manufacturers must do a better job with product mix. There have been many management errors in this area. It seems that all manufacturers are aware of this. How well and how quickly they can and will make the necessary changes remains to be seen. Either way it has been and will be a very costly lesson for domestic manufacturers. Many dealers will be better off with leaving the business. Those who, for whatever reason have not kept up the rapidly changing times. The factories and these dealers have got to work the details out between themselves. For the survivors it is imperative that they know and implement the newest products, services and techniques available today and tomorrow and the next day, etc. As the old saying goes; only the strong will survive. Actually, the new saying is that only those dealers that are knowledgeable, prepared and willing to change will survive.

Sales training in the Automobile, Marine, RV and Motorcycle dealership is more important today then ever. Training that shows sales personnel how to prospect on their own, how the dealer can maximize the internet to his or her own benefit, how to cut advertising expenses, how to maximize return on investment not only with the fixed assets of the company but with the human assets of the company. As with both they must be developed. Too many dealerships are not maximizing the potential of the human assets. Unskilled owners and mangers are the problem. An owner, manager and salesperson today is dramatically different than an owner, manager or salesperson of twenty year sago. Just ask any dealership owner, manager, or staff of the dealers and dealer groups that have gone out of business and those who will fail in the future. Cutting edge products and services for the dealership of the future is the answer.

Paul Hauke, the President of IFFPF Inc. has over twenty five years of professional experience in these areas. He is an expert and has written many articles and books on the subject matter. IFFPF Inc. was the first and is still the only company to offer Professional Certification Programs in Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Development, Retail Sales, Hospitality Sales, and Professional Auctioneering. Paul Hauke , himself has over fifteen professional Certifications. He is a pioneer in the development of web based marketing and has developed many successful strategies for search engine optimization for clients.

Paul Hauke and IFFPF Inc. are the INNOVATORS.



How To Locate Automotive Lift Service Firms

It is no secret that today’s businesses need to save as much money as possible. A sluggish economy means less profit for most service industries, including those that work on automobiles, motorcycles, and heavy equipment. Some of the most expensive assets these companies utilize on a daily basis are their lift systems. When these systems go down or do work as they should, companies need access to quality automotive lift service firms who get these assets back in service quickly.

For many of these businesses, when their lift systems go down, the whole operation stops or slows to a crawl. These businesses lose money as they often have to wait for parts or for qualified automotive lift service personnel to arrive. But, it does not have to be that way any longer. Now, companies can get the auto lift repair & service that they need by working with companies such as Equipment Distributors located in Michigan.

When companies work with Equipment Distributors they can be assured of the highest quality service and parts. The company is known for its outstanding performance and has earned a high reputation for its fine work and dedication to excellence. These are the types of attributes that those in need desire and deserve.

Equipment Distributors is also a one-stop shop for those companies that need to order auto lift repair & service parts. Many companies are able to perform their own maintenance work but require the correct parts in order to perform these critical tasks. By working with a company that carries a huge inventory of the parts that companies need, task performance can be completed faster, thus reducing the down time of the lift systems in question. But, no one wants to purchase cheap, low-quality parts which often end up costing more in the long run when they fail to perform as required. Equipment Distributors carries the name brand parts that service centers need in order to maintain their systems at their optimum level.

The company also offers its clients a quick and easy way to locate and order parts. Their website is full of detailed information that makes finding the correct part a snap. Their online ordering system is set up to be easy to use, yet secure and comprehensive. Buyers will find that they save time, and often save money, when ordering their auto lift repair & service parts from this company.

For those who need in-house automotive lift service, the company offers its expertise in that area as well. Contact the company to learn the details of how service centers can schedule automotive lift service.

Equipment Distributors also understands that businesses to watch their bottom line. For this reason, they strive hard to keep their prices low and reasonable, while refusing to sacrifice quality. Their competitive pricing is just one reason so many service centers work with them on a routine basis.

To learn more about how this Michigan company can assist in auto lift repair & service, visit their site. Visitors will find in-depth information on all of the automotive lift service programs that are available as well as information on products that today’s busy service industry needs and wants, and at prices that will impress.


Zoom-zoom Without Worries With Heavy-duty Saturn Engine Mount

The engine system fitted on every Saturn is composed of a network of tubes and gears that produces the required horsepower to run the car. Each time that the Saturn accelerates or climbs a steep road, the engine throbs violently from the effort of producing and discharging that power. But that vibration is hardly felt inside the car cabin. On account of the Saturn engine mount the car is not shaken even if hard combustion stirs up its engine.

The Saturn engine mount is the device where the engine is placed, giving it support and isolating it from other steel parts surrounding the engine block. Auto parts like the radiator, ignition system, among others, sit close to the engine system and are likely to affect engine performance. The Saturn engine mount is composed of two metal parts joined by a rubber insulator. One end of the mounting points of the Saturn engine is bolted to the block and the other one is fastened to the vehicle frame. The rubber mount absorbs the engine rattle and conveys it smoothly to the ground. It keeps other parts around the engine system in their places as well. When engine vibration is felt even while the car is at a stop, the condition of the Saturn engine mount may not be up to specs anymore.

Most factory-installed Saturn engine mounts are designed as a soft, flexible mount. While this creates a comfortable drive, the vehicle is subjected to a larger amount of engine movement, especially on hard acceleration. To determine if the Saturn engine mount is still in good condition, the rubber insulator has to be well lubricated and intact. A dry and crumbly rubber insulator means the Saturn engine mount is not getting the desired swing required to cancel out the vibrations in the engine. It is normal for the bolts to corrode but if the corrosion is at an advanced state, it is probably time to replace the Saturn engine mount. Also, check if the bolts are fastened securely to their respective positions. A defective Saturn engine mount can loosen and detach other nearby parts, not just the car’s engine.


Tata Launched Its First Hatchback, Tata Indigo Ecs

Out of the varied sedans out there in Indian Vehicle market, the Tata Indigo is likely one of the popular ones. Tata Indigo is a sedan which comes in 6 totally different fashions sharing a number of the fundamental options and completely different within the engine type and gasoline which the engine consumes. All of the variants of this sedan have been priced in keeping with the aggressive market of India. 2 out of those 6 variants have been geared up with the petrol engine and the rest of the models have been outfitted with diesel engine. All the automobiles share a 1.4 Liter engine offering the best efficiency inside the city as well as in the outer city areas. Tata Indigo is a superb sedan automobile which appears nice and is somewhat much like the Tata Indica. The car comes with a pleasant construct quality and the driving consolation can also be at an elevated rate. Rear passengers in many of the cars usually are not provided with exceptional consolation however this car concentrates on this part as well. Tata Indigo is a Sedan which has been manufactured preserving in mind to keep the associated fee low, providing one of the best comfort to clients and a comfortable drive. The design and efficiency of Tata Indigo has been made in an effort to keep drawback-free on Indian roads and the automobile is performing this job in a really nice way.

Tata Indigo has been trusted by lots of people in India because of the nice build of the car and its high quality on the interiors, exteriors and on the roads as well. Comfortable and powerful ride is what this automobile supplies folks with. Tata Indigo has been outfitted with nice and new applied sciences that assist this automobile to keep up nicely with the automobile business competition. Interiors of the automotive are very spacious permitting folks of all sizes to fit in comfortably. The comparison of interior of this automobile to other cars in the same category and vary proves it to be the very best of the vehicles in accordance with the interior. The designing of the interiors has been fluent and the devices have a prominent cluster consisting of tachometer, speedometer and fuel gauge. The automotive also comes with all the required warning lights which allow in higher control over the car. The dashboard has a nice design with cup holders on it and the supplies used in the construction give a really good feel. On dashboard do other equipments resemble electric sockets etc. that allow you to plug in and use auxiliary equipments? The beige color of the dashboard finds good contrast with the rest of the inside of the automotive which makes it quite attractive.

Regardless of having all these features in Tata Indigo, the competition for this car in the vehicle is tough. With the launch of latest sedan cars in the car industry that match this automobile in quality and appears, the competition becomes quite difficult. With nice vehicles in the trade launched from other manufacturing company, the competitors take a fascinating hype and the collection of the automobiles is left solely on the priorities of the buyers.


New Maruti Swift 2011, The New Face Of Indian Automobiles

One thing about the way in which cars fascinated with, is the innovation that goes along. The new Maruti Swift will give definition to innovation and dexterity. This 2011 would be the year of the Maruti Swift.

The original concept of the Maruti was simple, to change into the leader in the automotive trade with a target market fulfilled with luxury, yet economical. Regardless of the Indian economic system being affected by the global down turn of demand for vehicles, there is something in regards to the Maruti Swift that it’s still making it big. The idea of putting up a car firm in India will be a threat price taking. Competitors may be very high with almost each Multi Nationwide Car Firm investing on the car business within the country. But regardless of all this, the Maruti Swift remains to be a top choose among consumers.

The Indian Automotive Business has shifted dimension from what seemed to be conservative to a more liberal market. The demand, nonetheless, has radicalized consumer curiosity on large cars to an extra economical, yet handy vehicle. That is where the Maruti Swift comes in. One cause for the upstream market of Maruti Suzuki is the fixed demand for the cars. The compact vehicle has made the streets of India a pink carpet for this new innovation.

However financial reasons are not the one factor for consumers. Now-a-days, visitors could be very much a cause for drivers headache. Not only does visitors delay your appointments, however gasoline price is increased. So, moving into streets with a compact automobile, match to hurry off any visitors jam will give tremendous advantages to you. This is where the brand new Maruti Swift fits in. The artistic and revolutionary design of the Maruti Swift is ideal for any city jungle.

Since its launch in 2005, The Maruti Swift has received quite a few commendations from car enthusiasts and reviews. This coming August 17, 2011, Maruti Suzuki will unveil the new Maruti Swift in the Indian market. A unique alternative for the Indian market match to the interest of each Indian national.

The Maruti Swift comes either in a 1.2 liter K12 M petrol engine, or a 1.three liter DDiS diesel engine. Using the petrol engine will optimize the Maruti Swift of up to ninety BHP, whereas in diesel engine you rev as much as seventy five PS with 190 NM of responsive torque. New Maruti Swift to be economical with its fuel consumption of 23 km/liter.

Like every other car firm in India, Maruti envisions to penetrate the market with the introduction of the Maruti Swift. This 2011 will show to be a 12 months for the Maruti Swift. Preliminary opinions reveal that, unlike other automotive companies, whats distinctive concerning the Maruti is that it’ll match the taste of the Indian market. Proving to be an aggressive player with a sense of realizing whats finest within the market.

The launch of the New Maruti Swift in India will give rise to an innovation in the Indian Vehicle Business, giving customers a drive for his or her money.