Carrom Boards The Board Of Coins And Strikers

Carrom is a famous table top game and a mixture of billiards and shuffle boards game. Carrom boards are the materials used to play the carrom game. Carrom has the verbal meaning (i.e.) it cause to rebound off something.

1.The general meaning of board is a flat surface. Carrom is similar to pool game but differs in some aspects. It is one of the board games played with some plan of action to achieve a goal. Split the word carrom as car+ rom, car is an automobile which has the ability to move fast and rom in terms of computer is read only memory.

2.So the carrom has the meaning as, be fast in striking the coins and read the board and decide your play. Carrom boards are one of the necessary things to play the game. Generally it exists in different sizes in different countries. Playing carrom game involves some deliberate collision of striking by hand.

3.Carrom boards are there with different types and varieties. The type of boards going to use depends upon the users. If you are newly playing, you can use a trainer carrom board which exists in different star rates. In similar way the types of boards available are club, extreme, jumbo and tournament carrom board which suits different types of users.

4.A coin is a hard material which has some standard weight and has a round shape. It is an important member in the family of carrom. To play a carrom nineteen coins of three colors are needed, with white and black in nine quantities and red in one. Coins are the transactions in a game; they are transacted to the corner holes.

5.The different categories in coins are bullet shots-professional, break to finish professional set, champion gold star and tournament amateur coins which satisfies the different users. Each of these is made in the thickness of 8mm and diameter 30mm with a weight of 6gms.

6.Strikers are the motivators in carrom they help in striking the coin. While striking the striker, collision plays a role that is we are applying some force and the concept of velocity is used. Boards and coins have no value without the strikers. Ball striker- professional, tournament professional winning amateur etc are the different types of strikers available. These are made with thickness of 8mm and diameter of 41mm and a weight of 12gm.

7.Accessories is an optional tool used, the different accessories used are carrom board cover, carrom board stand, replacement mesh, score counter and carrom powder. Carrom powder enhances resistance free play area and exists in different grams.

8.Some care has to be given to carrom boards. Apply only little quantity of powder to each games and dont use two different powders, protect your board from dust by providing carrom board cover, boards should be kept in a cool place to avoid damages to the board so you can use carrom stand for perfect support. Use replacement mesh to repair the corner pockets on the board.