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Dog Behavior Problem – Does Your Dog Have An Attitude Problem

If your dog has a behavior problem or an attitude problem there is no need to worry because you are not the only one dealing with this problem. It is important that you take into consideration the fact that two very different species are involved, which can make communication difficult. Much like how different cultures between humans can spark problems, you may see a problem in your dogs attitude problem.

You have to look at it as if you were a dog, as crazy as this may seem. You have authority over your dog, but if you don’t use the power than your dog sees it as if you are equals. This can be directly correlated with a communication problem and the way you act toward your dog. Luckily for you, you can change a dog’s attitude.

So where do you start? You have to start by taking control of their most valued possessions to show them who is boss. This will allow you to earn your dog’s respect and show him that you are worthy of the respect. By taking control of the things that matter to him most, he will see that with an attitude problem he won’t get those things any more.

This does not mean you need to deprive your dog, but you want to help your dog learn that an attitude problem is not ok. You will be surprised to see how quickly your dog will change its attitude to get back the things that mean most.

The most important thing you have to change that will quickly change your dog’s attitude and behavior problem is the attention you hand out. Dog’s rely on their owners for support and acknowledgement, and they will quickly learn to give you respect if they are not getting that attention. By no means do you want to use any kind of physical correction to get your point across, but walking away from your dog will get the point across.

If for whatever reason you are seeing no changes in your dog’s attitude by changing the way you deliver attention, you may want to leave them outside for awhile or in his crate. This will serve as a timeout and will show him that if he wants to get what he wants, he will have to cooperate. Dealing with a dog behavior problem takes time but is well worth it!

It is important to note that as you change rules around, your dog’s attitude may escalate momentarily as they try to adapt to these changes. They have been used to a certain rule for so long and it can be difficult changing. But if you are firm and positive at the same time, you should be able to quickly change your dog’s problematic behavior and attitude by showing them they have to cooperate.


How To Choose Electric Motorcycle For Your Child

Electric motorcycles are a good learning opportunity for child riders to step up to a full sized cycle gradually and at their own pace – while still having plenty of fun. Electric motorcycles are also a fantastic value starting at far less than the noisy, scaled-down versions of gasoline-powered bikes.Basically, electric motorcycles can be classified into two; power-on-demand motorcycles and power-assist motorcycles.Most of us may have commercial interests while buying or using electric mopeds but for children, electric bikes are nothing less than a luxury. An electric motorcycle can be a lot of fun for children, but when it comes to picking out the right kid’s motorcycle there are many things to consider.

One of the thing that you need to consider is the frame of the motorcycle. You’ll want to get a motorcycle that is not only sturdy enough for your child right now, but also in the future. Kids grow up quickly and you don’t want them to outgrow the motorcycle too soon. Different motorcycle are engineered for different weights.You’ll also want to be sure that the frame is strong enough to stand up to the punishment that a typical child will put it through.

Besides that, you also need to consider about the speed of the motorcycle. You need to remember that it is actual child that will be riding the motorcycle. Not all electric motorcycle can go the same speed and you want to make sure that the one you buy doesn’t go too fast for your child to handle safely. Anyway, most children motorcycle are already design to have a suitable speed for children. Safety is one of the most important things to consider and it’s nice to know the speeds are low enough to keep kids safe when riding around the neighborhood.

You also has to consider the motor power when you deciding to buy a electric motorcycle for your child. Weight is an important consideration for the motor. Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor the more weight it will be able to carry at full speed. So if your child is old enough to approach the top end of the motorcycle’s limit, consider the next model up to get a more powerful motor for more fun and higher speeds.

Battery power should be consider also.Most electric motorcycle, can offers 40 minutes of ride time and it takes 12 hours to recharge. It really depends on the user, because lighter individuals won’t need as much power to get it moving. So, if your children are heavy, you might want to consider motorcycle with higher battery life and power.

Once you look over everything you will find that it’s a great investment for children. Even though it requires adult supervision, children still love this toy and most likely the neighbor’s kids will as well. Hopefully you’ve picked up a few useful tips for picking out a kid’s electric motorcycle. If you keep these tips in mind as you shop you’ll be sure to pick out just the right electric scooter for your child.


Introduction To Game Server Web Hosting

According to the Wikipedia, Game Server is a remotely or locally run server used by game clients to play multiplayer games. Most video games played over the Internet operate through a connection to a game server. These game servers are offered by the Game Server Providers, companies that lease dedicated game servers. Presently, in the web hosting industry, game server web hosting is one of the fastest growing segments.

Game Servers are of two types, Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers. Listen server are usually used in situation in which the server typically runs in the same process as the game client, allowing a player to both host and participate in the game. Listen servers are mostly operated by individuals, often in LAN situations rather than over the internet. Dedicated servers are the servers which can be run by individuals, but are usually run on dedicated hardware located in data centers, providing more bandwidth and dedicated processing power. Mostly, for hosting game servers for most PC-based multiplayer games dedicated servers are used.

Unlike traditional business hosting, Game hosting is far more demanding. It requires significant amounts of specially formatted server space to meet the demands of many players choosing one game at a single time. There are literally millions of consumers around the world who opt to play games online, which all translates to a need for reliably organized and dedicated service.

Heavy traffic is not the only issue that should be addressed when looking for a game server web hosting service however. Easy to use control panels which can help the site owner automate and organize many processes is also something that should be considered an absolute must. This is because the online gaming environment requires a lot of customer support and service, and also many applications and software updates and fixes which can only be managed with a good control panel feature.

Additionally, the amount of space required to handle the needs of the gaming software may limit the number of games available and the gamer server web hosting company selected. The games are each assigned a special node on the hosting equipment and each node has a limited number of slots, which translate to the total number of players who can access the game at any given time.

The best contemporary game server web hosting companies make about ten to fifteen nodes available on each server – which is a good illustration of the kind of space the games and functions require. This also introduces the need for reporting features that quickly let the website owner know which of their games is receiving the most attention or usage. Such information is critical in expanding offerings or eliminating a game that may be taking up to fifteen percent of a companys server space.

Hosting providers usually supply their clients with game server hosting services that include the most technologically advanced servers and network connections, very often with the preinstalled software to start online gaming business immediately. The most popular games using the technology of distributed servers are: Doom 3, Medal of Honor, Halo, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, Quake 3, etc.

Many online gamers also like to discuss the games they are playing and to socialize with fellow gamers, because of this it is important to see if the game server web hosting company provides applications such as chatting or forums which will add to the enjoyment of the customers.

Finally, though the game server web hosting sites are relatively new, they still require as much security and updating as traditional server equipment. Because of this it is important to inspect each company before making a final choice.


Rabbits And Death

Rabbits and animals all use the universal language of telepathy to converse, however, it is somewhat more complex than this. Rabbits, like cats, and other animals have two telepathic wavelengths; one if for general use and one is for personal use. It can be, to use a metaphor, a bit like giving someone your mobile phone number, but only a select few, your land-line number.

Rabbits, like all sentient life forms are psychic and know when death is approaching. Elephants, for example, leave the herd when death is near and find their way to the ancient elephant burial grounds. When death is close, an animal will accept this with the utmost peace, unlike humans. Its immediate friends, which could include, for example, your house cat, without a doubt, do get depressed at the death of a friend, but even though they are depressed at this, they honour it and are still at peace. An animal can be at peace and at the same time depressed about losing a close friend.

Once a rabbit has passed over, its spirit always returns to heal the shock and depression of its friends and surrounding animal life forms. That is why when you walk into a room where the rabbit has died, if you are in the least bit psychic, or a sensitive, such as I am, you will feel a deep sense of peace. This peace emanates from the spirit of the dead rabbit. In short therefore, rabbits once they die, do have a depressing effect on its immediate friends. For example, the other animals may stop eating and sleeping and can remain very still for long periods, but unlike humans, they quickly get over the illusion of death. I will elaborate a bit on this:

Let me explain. Animals are one with life. There is no me and my life to a rabbit like there is in humans, they know instinctively that they are life, whereas humans have this concept in their mind called me and my life, therefore, splitting themselves away from life, which is impossible! All animals know that death is just part of life which they honour and respect and are very aware when death is approaching. For example, a rabbit will certainly know it will have one month left to live, but unlike people, they accept this with peace, grace and dignity and there is no fear with this concept of death. In short, therefore, human beings are blocked from this knowingness about death because of our ego, which is a curtain that divides us from true reality, from ourselves, from nature and from God. Incidentally, before any natural disaster happens, all animals will either move to higher ground or move away from the impending disaster before humans are even aware of the disaster, again, this is because they at one with life, unlike us. They know without the screen of the cyclone-like ego, that everything is interrelated and they feel this throughout their whole life. In the course of a day, you think in the space of in one minute, about 500-1000 thoughts. A rabbit, in the space of a minute, unless it has something practical to do, like escape from a burning building, has no thoughts. In theistic language, one could say, they are enlightened. Have you ever seen a cat that cannot relax? Have you ever seen a bird that carries revenge in its mind? Have you ever seen a dog that does not have the joy of life as its master says the word walkies? Have you ever seen a depressed dolphin?

It is a well known fact that in cancer wards, where people are approaching death, many have found that the local hospital cat will always sleep at the end of the bed of the person who is just about to die. They use the cat as a kind of death-barometer to know that the person whose bed the cat is on is shortly to die. I myself, have had a similar experience. The day before my beloved giant rabbit, Archie, who I thought was very healthy, passed away, he came up to me when I went to make a fuss of him in his enclosure, as I did everyday. But on this day, he knew he was shortly to pass over and he did something unusual. He came bounding up to me and rubbed my nose and lips with his and he let me put my arms around him, needless to say all this was very unusual behaviour for Archie. Looking back, it was his way of saying goodbye. As an interesting point, my house cat, Gertie soon after Archie passed away, would sit on one of the rabbit hutches in the garden, staring at the door that led to Archies enclosure. Almost as if Gertie was waiting for the spirit of Archie to return, or perhaps its Gerties way of saying goodbye, who knows? One thing is for sure, all animals love each other, do we? The only time they ever fight is when one enters its personal space. When this happens, lets take the case of a swan. When two swans get too close to each other, they have a quick fight and then gracefully glide away, then if you watch closely, you will see that each swan practically at the same time, flaps it wings vigorously. They do this to get rid of any internal and external negative energy. In humans, this would become a build up of resentment and bitterness. Because you see, animals are at one with life and naturally know how to keep equilibrium or peace within and without naturally.

In short therefore, I hope that his reassures you that the death of your beloved pet is in fact ultimately an illusion. Your pet will come back to heal you and by simply asking for its presence, it will be with you, if you are psychic, or what is known as a sensitive, as I am, you will feel, you will know your beloved pet is with you in spirit. Once you die, if you truly love your pet, you will meet your pet on the other side of death. Death, in reality, is birth. By this I mean you are being born into the spiritual realm, where only love, light and harmony exist, where the lion lies next to the lamb, and in the coming years this will be manifested upon this earth for mankind is in the birth canal of enlightenment.

I would like to add as we end this topic, that whether you believe in reincarnation or not, really doesnt matter, because after your death, you will know that you have lived on this planet hundreds of times as a man and a woman. Please do not think that your beloved pets do not incarnate on earth with you, for they do. Often your beloved pet will have been with you through many lives, this is why some people feel intense love to their cat, dog, rabbit or whatever pet, for you have been through many dramas together. Never forget that the motto of the last civilisation on this earth, Atlantis, was that of the cat, this is because cats are the spiritual link between the angel of this earth, commonly known as Ghia; cats monitor the progress of mankind and relay this information to Ghia. This is a karmic service, for once upon a time cats were the dominant species on this earth but lost this gift through the fact that they were, as a species, lazy. Thus they have come back in this tiny form and have a spiritual right to be in our homes. Cats have saved mankind from many a disaster, but that is a story for another day.

By Victoria Carey GBAR RHA Rodentologist


Shopping Basics for Your First Chess Set

In this article, I offer some suggestions on buying chess sets; after all if youre a first-time buyer, youll likely welcome some assistance; I know I did! Knowing what to look for as well as where to look for it is imperative. Pricing is also another crucial factor. Purpose could be another. Do you plan to give the chess set to a friend? Whatever it is, the kind of help you require is on the way! Youll be given the right advice to make decision making a hassle-free process experience for you.

A) First lesson: check if the pieces and the board complement each other.

If you’ve ever driven an old car and had to utilize the spares from another vehicle, it rarely if ever looks good. You see what Im driving at, right? Getting a mismatched chess set is no different from pairing a formal coat and tie with run-down tennis shoes. Now, thats awkward and shameful!

The point I’m trying to make is that you need to match your board with your pieces. Its essential that both be fashioned from similar, if not the same, material, because when you fail to consider these details – say pine with mahogany you will end up with an outlandish chess set. It’s all to do with aesthetics. In the same way, you need to look at size as well. You don’t want to squeeze in huge pieces on a miniature-sized board or vice versa, do you? Obviously not.

A board that complements its pieces is wonderful to behold and adds a pricey look to your selection. With the exception of antique pieces, you shouldnt have a challenging time looking for a chess set whose board and pieces match so splendidly.

B) Second lesson: heed your budget.

Only buy what you can afford. Dont go beyond the amount you plan to spend. Caveat: Oftentimes, you can relate the quality of the set with the amount of money you spend for it. The truth is that you can find great bargains every now and then, but they dont happen everyday.

Chess sets that turn into heirlooms are obviously more precious than any pricey commercial substitute. Beyond the price tag, youre talking about family tradition. Almost always, good quality doesnt come for free. When you pay for quality, you can get a chess set that will delight you and your loved ones in the future.

As you can see, the higher-quality products give you more of that “feel good” factor than do bargain sets. Admittedly it may be purely psychological but nevertheless, one seems to play better with a good set. It’s rather like driving a vehicle in a slightly lower class than your own; your experience with each one varies even when you know they both serve the same use of bringing you to places.

C) Third lesson: have an apparent idea of what you wish to buy.

If you explore the shops without the vaguest idea of what you want, you wont accomplish anything! Way before you begin searching for that perfect chess set, know the the exact details that you want to look for. Take size, for example; will it fit in the home you intended for it, sitting on your coffee table or dining table, or maybe on a shelf or ledge? Aside from size, consider the fit. How well does the set match your coffee table or your other things? Try to guess how your partner will find the new set too. Will he or she be blissful with it?

Also consider the intensity of usage which you will subject your chess set to. How often do you intend to play chess? Do you anticipate a regular schedule? Durability is definitely a crucial criterion for the extremely enthusiastic chess player.


Automotive Dealer Management Systems, Are You Using Your Tools Correctly

The potential of many of the UKs dealerships will never be realised unless they start to use the tools they are provided with in the correct way. There is also a good argument that some dealerships are working so hard to achieve their potential that their old antiquated DMS cannot provide the tools needed. Many dealerships need to change their DMS solution because of this. However some view change as troublesome and worrying. There is a simple question that needs to be levelled is your dealership achieving what it should if the answer to this is no then a review of your DMS is essential.

I am often asked about what changes are needed to dealerships to gain that competitive edge? The simple reply to that is you know your dealership, staff and customers better than I. What I can say is that without dedicated, trained and motivated staff even the best DMS in the world will fail. People and process are the most important things in any dealership. Lets be clear about this, DMS is just a device used to achieve set down objectives. It helps if your DMS contains all the tools necessary.

Many in the industry now see that tools such as Showroom systems, Customer relationship management (CRM), analytical reporting, Internet marketing and time management systems are essential. These all should be available integrated into the DMS. There are many of these products available as stand-alone but few integrate, this means yet more work for the user duplicating information.

Choosing a DMS that suits your business is a bit like choosing a business partner, it needs very careful thought and consideration. The following were listed in the last issue as relevant questions to ask and are still essential today.

How will it give us a return on investment and over what time?
Where will it cut costs/enhance efficiency?
Is it designed to grow with our business?
Is it capable of operating multi-company, multi site, multi-franchise?
Will it communicate efficiently with customers on the web, in the call centre and on the dealership floor?
How good is the CRM part of the system?
How easy will it be for staff to adapt to the system? What training is required?
From talking to other users of the system, how good is the suppliers customer support?

Once you have chosen and implemented the DMS that’s where it begins. So many dealers forget that constant training and reviews of process need to be addressed. It is recognised that the average dealer should book at least two days training a year. A decent DMS provider should always be prepared to share their experiences on good working practices. I also think that as business partners the dealer and the DMS provider should document process controls. Simple but effective training training training.

I’d echo other industry observer’s recent comments about the current obsession with running a hosted DMS solution. It’s imperative for a DMS to have access to web services providing third party data delivery, and indeed using the internet as a transport mechanism for multi-site connectivity is a cost effective solution. However, running a DMS over the web where the server is in a datacentre all too often ends in tears. The UK communications infrastructure is not mature enough to reliably run a remote web server based application as intensive as a DMS with adequate performance. How many problems do you have with slow Internet connections? We offer the service, but we don’t actively promote it. Keep your DMS server within your business.

Most dealers owe it to their potential to review the DMS market. I believe that Gemini Systems Dealer Management Systems should be one of the systems reviewed.


Buy Stylish And Fine Quality Designer Dog Clothes For Your Canine

One of the latest fashions in the pets apparel market is the fashionable designer selection. There are wide collections of apparels available for dogs. Designer pets apparels are designed by some of the experienced and top designers in the Dog Fashion world. This clothing comes in multiple designs, styles and colors. Thus, people have wide options to make the selection from for different kinds of occasions, be it a wedding party or any other social event.

There are different types of pets apparels which you can buy for your canine. Lets have a look on the items that you can present to your pooch. T-shirts are the recent trends that majority of the pet lovers are looking for. This apparel comes in varying styles and designs. Besides, you will get them in single color or in dots and even in prints. This apparel is ideal for the summer times. It is very comfortable to wear. Another type that you can look for is the warm clothes and that includes jacket, sweater and coat. This apparel keeps the pet warm and comfortable in the chilled weather. They are available in varying attractive designs and styles. Sometimes you need clothes that will protect your pet from getting wet in the rain. So, designers have able to meet your requirements. They have come up with stylish raincoats in varying colors, styles and designs.

Apart from these three types there are many other varieties that you can look for. Designer dog clothes are manufactured from using fine quality raw components with the help of advanced technologies so as to ensure quality and optimality. Quality of the product is tested in different parameters under the strict observation of the professionals.

There are many online stores that offer wide varieties of designers pets apparels for dogs at reasonable prices. All you have to do is find out a reliable store so that you get genuine and good quality products. One can read out the terms and conditions of the stores by browsing their official sites. Besides, you can visit the sites to get a clear idea about different types of clothes that are available with the stores. You can also check out the images of the apparels. The clothes are reasonably priced.

The Designer dog clothes are made in such a manner that they are hypo-allergenic in nature. Besides, they are highly comfortable in nature. Besides, providing comfort in the summer and winter times, these apparels protect the pets against the harmful insects and germs such as bacteria. Above all, stylish clothes can bring a smart and stylish look to your pet besides a pretty cute look.

So, what are you looking for? If you want to give extreme comfort to your pet then go ahead and buy stylish apparels for your loveable pet.


History Of Honda Motorcycle Success

The year 2010 has started off as a financial success for the Honda Motor Company who has seen profits with a net income of just over 72 billion Yen in Q1 of January-March. Honda were hit by the recession hard back in 2009 when in the same period, they saw a loss of nearly 179 billion Yen but are celebrating the improved situation this year.

Honda Motor Company was originally set up in the late 1940s by Japanese entrepreneur Soichiro Honda who aimed to produce a cheap method of transport for those after the Second World War. The company found a niche in the production of Motorcycles and release the C model which was considered a success. This led to the production of what was later known as the Dream D model which was an inexpensive bike with three horsepower and two-speed transmission. Honda then continued on his journey to produce a vast array of machines and Honda motorcycle parts which resulted in the eventual trust of the consumer and financial success.

Having moved on significantly both in technological advances and history, Honda have celebrated great success this year. This is due to many factors including a great increase in the operations of Asia which increased by 28.2%. This is due to both increased numbers of motorcycles and automobiles sold, as well as the changes in currency translations.

For the last financial year ending 31st March 2010, Honda released figures of a 95.9% increase in net income and the companys revenue for this year amounted to 8.57 trillion Yen. This was still a decrease compared to that of the fiscal year 2008-2009, but still shows good recovery. The company are now expecting a net income of 340 billion Yen for the next financial year 2010-2011, with projected sales of 9.34 trillion Yen. The companys motorcycle sector showed sales of 2.6 million units for the January-March period which is an increase in 30% compared to that of last year.

Honda are hoping to continue this success in order to reach their projected targets for 2011 and are set to make great profits next year. This reflects how the company has worked to gain even more market share within the automobile and motorcycle industry. With their range of high quality Honda motorcycles released this year as well as Honda motorcycle spares and accessories, they are looking to increase this share even further and remain one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers the World has even seen.

In order to purchase any of the Honda products, you will need to head to one of the many local Honda motorbike dealers who will stock a wide range to choose from.


How To Use Gamer Stats in Online Gaming Forums

How to use gamer stats in forums? First thing that you have to bear in mind is to have fun. Gaming doesnt get real person, though it could be as depth as comfort level permit, within a reason. Stat could be short or long. And you can even come back in the thread any time to update us in new directions of gaming preference, what new things happens in the gaming world, what gaming projects are working, what productivity tool is in, and how you reply in the thread and so on. Thread in game forums are your limelight, use it well. Remember, your capacity to edit stat or post expires in time, though nothing that cannot be solved with update posting, right? Do not feel that it is just the gamers, as it is for all no matter what level of experience you are in gaming.

As title of sub forum state, it is your place to provide gamer stats like:

Who you are? Do not worry if you cannot place your real name. You can use screen names and just think how the name relates on you and in the gaming world.

What is your gaming history? What is your first war gaming and other kinds of gaming experience, how does your taste progress over the years.

What is your gaming preference like board games, video/pc/console games or online games which includes PBEM, VASSAL or forum run game like card games, zone games and others? What you want and what you dont want? Whats the favorite productivity tool? Do not forget to make a list of this.

What gamer level you rank or rate? Is it beginner, novice, average, advanced or pro? If you like tournaments, what kind of tournaments you have participated and placed?

What gaming organization are you in? (BPA, DCI etc)

What other online game forums you belong?

Your gaming objectives, like new directions you would like to discover what types of game you would be fond of to play in.

Have you made your design of game, variants or rules? Do not forget to list the control bunker sub forums as well.

Moreover, anything within the reason! Keep in mind, it is your moment to shine, the chance to let you know who you really are, in addition to what makes you think, is the chance to have the thread, the voice in gaming universe. Haven in your gamer stats in forums and entertain people. Inspire the new members as well. Let them know what you are up to and what kind of productivity tool youre using to progress in the game.


Save Money By Buying Pet Supplies Online

With the advent of internet, shopping for pet is not as difficult task as it was in the previous times. Although , pet have been the most fundamental part of the lifestyle but the amount of the care and consideration that they require has elevated now. Finding quality and reliable products at very reasonable price has become a challenge now, however there are number of stores online where you can buy the products at the best available price. You may even consider purchasing bulk in order to ensure that you are able to save money on the cost. The customers can also take the full advantage of the heavy discount rates that is available through the wholesale retailers.

Pet supplies online and products are now available in different variety and types. Including vaccines, grooming equipment, veterinary supplies, whereas a few of the stores nowadays are concentrating on supplying add- on for several types of pets for example dogs, felines, farm creatures, horses and other canines etc. There are number of stores that offer the free shipping and some other sites that charge a recommendable amount as a fee. They also have strong exchange and return policies on the items purchased.

Purchasing pet supplies online in large amount is really beneficial and includes a great cost difference in comparison to purchasing from a usual local store making purchase online is not only cost effective but also saving a lot of time. Also, it saves a lot of energy as rushing to an online store is really tiring The internet stores however increase the ease of buying and provide heavy discount on items. However, choosing a best and reputable store is a paramount to save money. Online pet shops provides a great benefit at the time of economic problem. If you total the expense for the complete year when you buy pet supplies online and compare from the previous years, then you will actually see the difference why online pet supply stores are a great way to save and cut the expenses. With the most advance innovative, the online support can give you answers right away for every questions and you will get what you actually need.

It is noticed that if your pet had a special need, or if you had an unusual or exotic or unusual pet then you need to shop at an exclusive specialty store. But , these days the various web stores fulfills your requirement for a specialty pet product you can definitely save money by buying online and with the power of the search engine, it is easy to find unique items for lovable pets. The author is pet lover and love to write about pets and pets products. He currently writes about advantage of online pet shop and pet accessories. To know more about pets and pets product visit http//