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Natural Ways To Keep Fleas Away From Your Pets

Most pet owners have learned that having to control fleas is just part of the territory when you have a pet, but with all of the different options available when it comes to doing this, it can get confusing as to what you need to use.

Many mainstream products that are advertised to kill fleas and ticks really do the job, but they do it at the expense of your pet’s health. When you get right down to it, most are basically chemical pesticides, which is something that you don’t really want on your pet or on you. Both cats and dogs have been known to have severe reactions to these products, including the following symptoms: dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy, skin burns, hair loss, itching, inflammation, and neurological reactions, including seizures.

Many pet owners have posted on various forums that they should have done research into the products before using them on their pets and express anger because the manufacturers act like there is nothing wrong with their products.

A natural solution is the key to getting rid of fleas and ticks without exposing your pet to harmful chemicals that cause these dangerous side effects.

Try to keep in mind the fact that out of every 100 fleas, only 10 live on your dog. The other 90 live in your house! If you want to keep the fleas off of your dog, keeping them out of your house is the first step and this can be done by vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis and treating them with a flea powder. Keeping a clean house will help deter fleas from setting up their base a lot more than you might think.

If you don’t want to put anything on your dog, spreading a bag of lime around your yard will help keep fleas away from your home. Make sure it’s garden lime, not hydrated or dry lime, though. This will dehydrate fleas and their eggs and will make sure your yard will stay flea free for about a month, depending on how much it rains where you live.

Another way to help keep your pet flea free is to keep them bathed regularly. Some people even swear by certain brands of dish soap!

We all want to do what’s best for our pets and having access to natural methods of taking care of them is something we should all be thankful for.


Insights Into Easy Systems Of Chinese Chess

You will find that Pocket – Guide is straightforward to use and also the audio is crisp and clear. Unfortunately, Nino has cataracts, which blur his vision. To be read with incredulous sarcasm, of course- and a lot love, you are on the verge of the breakthrough- rather than a moment too soon. Aside from saving the scanned information in your phone, you may also opt to store it on Cognicard. 10 Coolest Android Apps – Great Choices Here for Foodies.

Suggested gifts: bronze sculptures, yard items such as a bird bath or sundial. This way everyone on the Android’s contact list can easily see updates, posts and notifications of the activity on your social networking pages. Those were the goals, but governing a whole civilization was what managed to get work. This app can also be free to download and rehearse and may be found with this link. The film follows this doctor because he journeys into a global of sex, cults and danger beyond anything he ever imagined.

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Some recipe and cooking apps have grocery list functions within them, but for all those that don’t, grocery apps are a must. For as few as $5, it is possible to get your three-hour boat tour through the city, and see its sites from the vantage point that not many are lucky enough to experience. If it didn’t hit him by page ten however toss the book through the room striking the wall. I bought Civilization 3 and was very disappointed; the graphics were better, however it just didn’t look good next to Civilization 2. What resulted was three 8 X 8 boards stacked one on top in the other.

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How You Can Be Among The 20% Of Automotive Dealerships Who Survive The Current Economic Crisis

For most dealerships, times are hard. The leads have slowed down, the obstacles of financing should qualify as an Olympic sport and advertising just doesnt work like it used to.

And the truth is that many dealers are going under. Theres going to be a lot of casualties after this one.your store included.

OR maybe not.

This current financial crisis may really be your best blessing as a small business owner.

Sounds crazy, however heres the deal.

Many dealers are going out of business. No doubt. Its already happening. Your job is to be sure its somebody elses business going under not yours. And there are very real ways to do this, if youre really serious about being among the 20% of dealers who will survive the storm.

Im going to give you some cold, hard stats and ways to aid you in simply a moment, but let me begin by saying that if you dont have the correct systems or processes in place, work them out now. If you have personality conflicts, deal with them today. If you dont have a system for staying in touch with past customers and unconverted leads, get one.

If you dont have a crystal clear answer to the query, “Why should somebody choose me over other dealers?” figure it out this weekend. If you dont have a predictable way to get new clients into the door, at will, now is the time to do something about it. If you have floor plan issues or problems with your lenders, it’s better to sort it out this month than next.


It all comes back to the timeless 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.

If youre not acquainted with the Pareto Principle, this rule dictates that 20% of dealerships naturally get 80% of the business. In different words, the 20% of dealers who can survive this current economic storm will do so because they make 16 times as much as those in the 80%.

And because of this capability to earn additional capital, when the market does come back (which it invariably will), theyll be larger and higher than ever, readily positioned to eat up new shares of the auto market.

That may mean more dealers go out of business once more-but it wont affect you if youre among the 20%.

So what can you do to make sure your dealership quickly and easily ends up among the 20% if youre already in, or teetering towards the 80% category?

Well heres what dealers in the 20% group do, and what youll need to do if you plan to survive:

1. Theyre sharpening their axe to make sure the dealership runs smoothly
2. Theyre going through extra lengths to make sure the staff is well skilled
3. Theyre getting a dense hold on the marketing engine that will drive their business over the following few years

And most importantly, they wont panic or talk themselves into defeat. They know individuals will still buy cars. Just not as many. They also know theres going to be less deals to go around and theyll do what it takes to safeguard that business.

Now, what happens if things get real unhealthy, and unemployment rises to 15% or a lot more? Well if youre in the 80%, you’ll be forced to lay off and you wont have the required sustain employees to run your store.

BUT, if youre in the 20%, 15% unemployment rates mean youll have the pick of the litter of who you would like to work at your store. It means that youll have the cash to dismiss your deadbeats and riff-raff and be ready to replace them with competent, skilled, hard working folks in an instant.

Therefore high unemployment rates can be a good thingif youre in the right group.

The 20% group will see these hard times as an opportunity.

Smart people (those in the 20%) know that now, and the months ahead are prime time to invest in stock, real estate, human capital, marketing, inventory — and theyll be the ones who really rake it in when the market comes back.

Thus where can you fall as it relates to the 80/20 rule?

Heres something else that we know for sure

1. 80% of the individuals reading this can create solely 20% of the results they have to be successful (harsh, however true)
2. But 20% of the dealers reading can create 80% or more of the results they need to make itand make it huge!

A small percentage of the dealers reading this right now are prepared to make marvelous progresses in the coming months, whereas the rest are destined to mediocrity.

Now here’s where things get really crucial. The eighty/twenty rule repeats itself, infinitely. Which means the top 20% splits itself into eighty/twenty. Thus theres the top 4%.

Then it happens again. 20% of the top 20% of the top 20% — the top 0.8%. Thats where you really need to be. If we didnt already challenge you enough to be within the top twentyif you REALLY want to come out ahead, try to become a top 0.8% person.

Let’s take a closer look at the .8% person:

Each decision is carefully made by a 0.8% person because its way more important than a decision made by an 80% person.

A 0.8% person knows a way to focus and slim their labors on those things that are actually crucial. Even though he might have a list of 43 things to do, hell hone in on the three or four that are more important than all the others combined. But the 80% people treat all things as if theyre the same, or worse, work on the forty less crucial tasks before they tackle the three or 4 that really matter! They have no sense of priority and hence they “busy work” themselves out of survival.

The 0.8% person carefully discriminates what information he will allow into his mindwhat he reads, listens to, or watches on TV who he surrounds himself with. The 80% people are “open minded” and “tolerant” to just about anyone or any idea.

The 0.8% people belongs to some kind of mastermind or “good ol boys” club. This can be the sort of group that can support, hold up, and go the extra mile for its members. And most of the 0.8% folks pay BIG money to be in these clubs! However again, unlike the 80% who would see it as a waste, they understand the worth and that some of the most brilliant men of all time, (i.e. Carnegie, Henry Ford, Ben Franklin) all participated in the same.

The 0.8% person is perfectly immune to disapproval from othersdoesnt care what most folks think is not affected by pessimism on the news, from neighbors or family members. He realizes that the mass of humanity is nearly always pathetically wrong. The 80% folkswell, theyre the masses.

So, friend, whats it gonna be for you? 80%, 20%, 4%, 0.8%? Your actions now will finally determine your fate of your future. So choose the winning team and start down the road to success-even in these tough financial times!


Dressing Up Those Old Dog Crates With Dog Crate Covers

If you’re tired of looking at the dirty old dog crate in the corner of your living room and want to do something about it but you’re just not sure what, then you may want to consider looking into the different types of dog crate covers available on the market. Dog crate covers are a great way of tidying up your old crate and making it look fresh and new again.

Dog crate covers are available in just about any color you can imagine. Red, white, pink, tan, blue brown, you name it, you can get it. They’ve become quite popular over the years so there are plenty of places you can go to purchase them. Or if you don’t want to buy dog crate covers, you could even make them on your own with a little skill and the right materials. You might even be able to save some money if you did it this way.

So what is the purpose of dog crate covers? Well, I’ve already explained that one purpose is to help clean up that dirty old dog crate you’ve got stored in the corner of your living room. It will help make it more visually appealing and not such an eye sore. Another purpose for the dog crate cover is to provide privacy for your puppy, which will also help relieve stress and reduce barking caused by distractions that occur outside the crate will your dog is inside the crate.

So the dog crate covers have a number of different purposes which include providing a little touch of class and a better appearance for your old worn out dog cage, and the other is to provide privacy and seclusion for the well being of your puppy or dog. The next time you see that old crate and consider tossing it out, perhaps you’ll want to pick up some dog crate covers to help bring it back to life.


Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk Fashion Statement Or Safety Accessory

There is a new trend in motorcycle riding gear known as motorcycle mohawks. These multi-colored accessories attach to motorcycle helmets through the use of suction cups. In bright red, green, yellow, sleek black and other styles, these unique new accessories are meant to help you look cool on the road and get noticed. Motorcycle mohawks are also a safety feature, as their bright colors and distinctive look help you to be seen by drivers, or even by spectators during a motorcycle race.

Choose a motorcycle mohawk to match the color of your bike, your helmet, or your favorite riding gear. Many riders with black hair choose black so that it looks like their real hair spiked on the top of their helmet. Motorcycle mohawks are fiberglass, meant to withstand any riding speed. Their suction cups will keep them firmly on top of your motorcycle helmet even with the wind blowing in your face and at speeds of up to 200 mph.

As motorcycle riding becomes more and more popular, many riders have begun looking for a way to set themselves apart from the pack. Motorcycle mohawks are definitely a unique way to do just that. Stand out and show your individuality with this new motorcycle helmet accessory. In a wide array of colors and styles, this bristled fashion statement is considered by many riders to be the epitome of cool.

Some riders feel that the ultimate expression of freedom is riding without a motorcycle helmet, but in many cases the law requires a helmet to protect the rider’s safety. If you must wear a motorcycle helmet but don’t like that it looks the same as every other rider’s, a motorcycle mohawk is a great way to express your individuality and show your rebellious side while staying safe and following the helmet law.


Tips For Cooling Your Gaming Laptop

The heat that inevitably arises in a gaming laptop is due to the heavy utilization of the graphics card (or GPU) during gaming. In fact, the GPU tends to generate more heat than the central processor itself and has a higher threshold for heat by and large. It is not uncommon for a GPU to reach temperatures in the neighborhood of 80 to 90 degrees C, especially when you are overclocking it.

This, of course, puts the gaming machine in a whole other segment than your average mail-downloading machine without a dedicated graphics card. Constant overheating will not damage the computer right away, but it may have a negative impact on the life span of your PC and is also more than a little uncomfortable.

In addition to bringing down the temperature to manageable levels, an exterior laptop cooler can also provide some additional features to your overall gaming experience such as speakers or more USB ports. At any rate, having a decent laptop cooler is effectively just looking out for your most likely expensive gaming machine. The average cooling unit is a relatively small investment.

When you head out to locate a good cooler pad or stand, there are a number of aspects that ought to affect your decision, the most important one being efficient cooling of course, but also that it fits the dimensions of your laptop. You don’t want to order a cheap one online only to open the package to find a tiny netbook cooler. On the flip side of the coin you don’t want an unnecessarily bulky stand. There is a large amount of coolers available that are designed to suit essentially any unit, but it’s important to check the dimensions so that it suits your laptop.

As a rule of thumb, do not go with a random product based on price or even average rating–find one that is designed to work with your machine.

A couple of other things to consider are the number of fans, capacity and noise level. You can usually get the gist of these matters from the specifications and user reviews. What also needs to be taken into account is the positioning of the most heat-generating surfaces on the laptop. This is generally the space where the GPU and the CPU resides, respectively.

Additionally, you may also want to have a look at the possibility to add some new features to complement your computer. For instance, you have the option to enhance the gaming machine with a new set of speakers or a few more USB ports. A few more expensive models also come with built-in thermostats that adjusts the air flow according to how much heat is produced, which is good news for the average level of noise. The top cooling unit is one that retains the noise level to a bare minimum while also decreasing heat effectively.

To keep the noise to a minimum, there are also passive cooling pads that absorb heat though salts that are frozen at room temperature and will not be using fans at all, but these ones will only last for so long before they need to refreeze. Another option is to choose a cooler with a single huge fan that spins relatively slowly, thus reducing noise output.


Pet Owners Love The Gps Pet Tracker

Our pets today certainly become a part of the family. The very thought of one of our pets becoming lost and not coming home really upsets us. This has caused pet owners to look for ways of keeping track of their pets. That is where a GPS pet tracker comes in. It is absolutely the best way to keep track of where your pet is at all times.

Now many of you may be thinking about your dog when we say pet tracker but these GPS systems are a lot more versatile than that. Some companies have very small light weight ones that can be used on cats. The smallest and lightest device on the market is ideal for many different kinds of pets. It of course can be used on cats and dogs but it is also good for turtles, ferrets and even some birds. Both the transmitter and the handset are very small and lightweight.

These GPS tracking devices are battery operated and wireless. They can synchronize with your mobile smart phone with Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to use your smart phone instead of the hand held device normally associated with these units. This makes them the ultimate pet locator.

One of the main selling points for these GPS pet tracking devices is that pets are family too and youd want to locate a family member if get lost wouldnt you?

These GPS systems provide pet owners with peace of mind and the confidence that when their treasured furry friends escaped the yard or wander off they will be able to find them.

Now you may be wondering how much does this technology cost? Well you will be happy to know that for under $200 dollars you can get a reasonable quality system. Of course depending on some of the beeps and whistles you want it could go a lot higher. But 200 is not a bad price for the peace and security they bring. You might also want to know that if you buy one that attaches to your smart phone you could be paying up to $60 per year extra on your phone bill for this service.

Of course if your pet strays you would like to know immediately so that you are able to retrieve them quickly and that is exactly what these systems can do for you. They will send information from the transmitter on your pet to the receiver either in your hand, car or on your home computer with a map pointing exactly to where your pet is.

This is truly amazing technology. Yet we are using it all the time to direct us places we are looking to go while in our cars or out in the wilderness camping. This is just using the same technology in a different way.

Did you know of the thousands of lost pets that happen each day over 84% of them are never returned to their masters? Yes having a pet is a lot of work and they cost us money and time. But aside from making sure they have food and shelter you also need to consider their safety. That way you know that the loving investment you give them will never be wasted.

These GPS pet trackers are a type of insurance on you dear friends and money well spent in my opinion.


The Best Mortgage Broker – What Makes Them the Best

If you find that you are in need of a mortgage loan and are unsure of what it is exactly that a mortgage broker does, then this is definitely the time for you to do a little research so that you can fully understand exactly what a mortgage brokers position is in the financial loan industry.

Remember, the best mortgage broker is one that will not only be completely aware of all of your financial needs, they will also go above and beyond your expectations in order to find you the very best mortgage loan deal possible.

What Exactly Does a Mortgage Broker Do?
Mortgage Brokers help you find the best mortgage loan that’s just right for you. It really is that simple. A mortgage broker doesn’t technically work for you but instead is considered to be an independent contractor who specialize in the loan mortgage industry: it may be easier to view them as an agent that brings together people who want/need to borrow money with people who are willing to lend money. Mortgage brokers charge a fee for their services, which can be paid upfront or included in your loan agreements. (Be sure to check around to compare fees so you get an overall feel for what is a current and fair charge.)

Although the concept for what mortgage brokers do is simple, the work they perform is not. There is not only a lot of tedious paperwork that demands their expertise, the best mortgage broker must also be very personable as they deal with lots of important people, all on your behalf. Lastly, the best mortgage brokers must meet continuing education requirements, which helps to ensure that they are up-to-date on all federal laws and regulations. They are also informed on ethics, fraud, consumer protection, and any new fair lending issues that need attention.

Your Financial Snapshot
The best mortgage broker will take a detailed look at your complete financial profile. It is your job to reveal all of your financial information so that the mortgage broker is able to assess what types of loans may be best for you. The mortgage broker will then discuss all your available loan choices (this is where your research comes in!) and together you can both decide on the best loan options for submission to the actual bank and/or lending institutions. Once offers are received, the mortgage broker will call you to come in and will help you choose the best offer for you!

Better Mortgage Deals
The best mortgage broker will have the inside scoop on which lenders offer the best deals and can accordingly get you some loan offers that you never thought possible. The best mortgage broker will go above and beyond your expectations by truly focusing on your specific wants and/or needs in order to make sure that you are completely satisfied as this is the best mortgage brokers definition of success.

Bottom Line
Finding the best mortgage broker for you can be quite the challenge but once you do you will be glad that you took the time to find them. There is a lot of tedious work involved with being a mortgage broker and the best ones continue with their education in this field so that they are current on all mortgage loan laws and regulations. If you are looking for the best mortgage broker, Calgary is the place to start.


Build your garage’s reputation on the quality of your automotive lift service

There are many procedures to follow and many different tools to use when inspecting or repairing an automobile. Doing a thorough job of inspecting and repairing a vehicle requires more than just looking under the hood. Of course, anyone who works in automotive repair knows this. And they know that providing an automotive lift service is one of the most important parts of servicing a vehicle. Incorporating an auto lift repair & service is the best way to ensure a vehicle is properly inspected and thoroughly restored.

If you want to build a reputation as providing the highest quality automotive repair, then you must have an auto lift repair and service that is second-to-none. The best way to ensure your mechanics are able to examine, diagnose, and repair vehicles in a safe and timely manner is to have an automotive lift service. The days of automotive repairman sliding under a vehicle with raggedy sliding boards are over. In the 21st century people want to see a repair service that uses state-of-the-art equipment.

To be sure, you may already offer an automotive lift service; but the question you must ask yourself is, is it good enough? Technological advances are being made all the time in the equipment used in an automotive lift service. You don’t want to be left behind. In order to remain competitive you need to have the tools and equipment that will allow you to enhance the value of your auto lift repair and service. This can only be done by investing in the best equipment available.

Indeed, it is important to remember that automotive lift service equipment is an investment just like any other you’ve made or plan on making to grow your business. Your auto repair service can only grow on the strength of its reputation and an increase in the number of new customers you attract. An automotive lift service may seem like a minor thing, but it can mean all the difference between a vehicle that has been properly looked at and repaired, with a full view of all the various parts, gears, and combinations under the vehicle, and one that has only been briefly scanned and not thoroughly serviced. A repair shop in which vehicles are fixed in the first instance tends to do much better than one in which drivers have to return again and again because of the same problem.

Fortunately, finding the best in equipment for an automotive lift service is not that difficult. And the place to begin your search is on the worldwide web. The web gives you the ability to bring many of the vendors selling this kind of equipment to you. This will give you to opportunity to compare the price and value of the many firms offering this kind of equipment. Using the web will also enable you to find out the reputation of a firm. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. And the firm with a proven record of delivering high customer satisfaction is the one most likely to meet your needs and expectations.